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The Webstock Experience

Webstock is well on its way... and with it comes a week of eagerly anticipated creative inspiration, brainfood and the opportunity to connect with the ever-evolving web community at large.

Why all the excitement you may ask? It’s not just me – it’s now a universally accepted thing. Webstock is for web folk what its namesake was for the flower loving peeps of the 1960’s. Whilst Intergen has been involved every year since the event’s inception, some members of the team have not yet had the privilege of participating and being witness to the Webstock experience. Their expectations are somewhat varied between what they have read and heard and of course from my own general enthusiasm. I can’t help but be excited about it. This rates up there with my favourite events on the Wellington annual event calendar. First the Wellington Cup Races, then the Sevens and now this!

Somewhat strange that this merges with my social calendar... So unhappy of the thought of missing out, one of our senior designers is even contemplating cancelling her annual leave next week and telling her parents not to board their flight from Heathrow for their visit to the windy city... That or asking Mike, Tash and the rest of the Webstock crew to postpone this grand event for another week. Hmm, sorry Michelle! I will bring back tales from our industry peers and some cool Webstock schwag to admire. I said admire... :o)

As veteran Webstock sponsors and exhibitors, Intergen has the opportunity to be associated with one of the illustrious speakers as we have done in the past, and 2010 is no exception. This year it’s Jeffery Veen, a pioneer of user-centered design and an internationally sought after speaker and all round nice guy. Scanning the list of speakers, this is one of the most exciting line-ups to date, but Jeff is an unquestionable standout and is guaranteed to offer insights, ideas and inspiration into what is new and exciting in the web community. As with previous years Intergen has the honour of inviting Jeff back to our Wellington office for an up close and personal chat with the wider Intergen team. Last year we hosted Derek Powazek and Heather Champ which gave a large contingent of keen Intergenites an opportunity to ask the dynamic duo some intriguing questions in the vast realm of social media, online communities and all things web related.

The ONYAs make their first appearance this year at Webstock and Intergen are proud sponsors of the ‘Best Web Application’ category. A more analytical and disciplined aspect of UX design that this author is passionate about. I for one can’t wait to see who takes it out on the night.

Webstock will be a high intensity, fun event, jam-packed with insights and methods that we will be able to bring back to our organisations and incorporate into our project work. You can’t avoid coming out of this event recharged and inspired to be the best and most passionate web aficionado you can be. This makes the whole experience a worthwhile and beneficial undertaking, both for conference attendees and the people who employ us.

This year Intergen has once again taken on the challenge of coming up with a new and inventive way to put a yellow spin on our sponsors stand and contribute to the Webstock experience. So please, take a loop of the town hall and come visit us to relax, unwind and try an old kiwi favourite...

See you next week!

Posted by: Mark Delaney | 12 February 2010

Tags: Webstock, ONYAs, UX

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