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New Zealand's advantage

I’ve worked in the information technology industry for over twenty years now, and I've seen a lot of changes. One of the biggest changes - one that has had a significant impact on the way we work, and certainly has a huge impact on our day to day lives at Intergen - is the shrinking size of the globe.

Changes in technology have rapidly shifted our market from being a local one, to a global one. We now have the ability to market products and services all over the globe, and form partnerships and alliances with people and organisations that are sometimes in places we’ve never even physically travelled to.

Apart from being in a different time zone, our clients and business partners are now only an email, telephone call or website away. In fact, differences in time zones can often be advantageous to the way we provide services to our clients.

Consider a client in the United Kingdom for example, supported and serviced by Intergen in New Zealand. Due to the differences in time zone, Intergen has a twelve hour head-start on any local UK service provider. Our client can identify issues with their systems and raise them via our change control and issues register procedures at the end of their day, for example. Even though that client’s business day has only just ended, it’s only a matter of an hour or two before Intergen development staff are working on the issue for them. Indeed, in some cases, the issue can be resolved and deployed to the client’s installation long before the client even returns to work the next morning. For the client, it’s almost like the ‘fairies at the bottom of the garden’ have been working on their issues while they slept!

A local service provider, by contrast, typically wouldn’t even begin to work on the problem until the following morning, putting them almost a whole day behind Intergen’s service offering already, merely because of the time zone advantage.

We work with a number of international clients, in a number of different time zones. That means we compete on a global scale and that international competition ensures that we must always provide a quality service, on time and at the right price to our clients, or else they simply choose to go elsewhere.

Yet, despite that fierce competition, the volume of services we provide to offshore clients continues to grow. In most situations our clients tell us that they return to us because the quality of our offering matches, or exceeds, the quality they are able to source from anywhere else on the planet.

To me, that’s always made me proud – because it confirms to me, on a global scale, that Intergen, and New Zealand, has the skills to compete in a global marketplace, to stand out from our international competitors, and has the ability to deliver quality product to any client, anywhere in the world.

Intergen is proud that we have developed that reputation. New Zealand should be too!

Posted by: Mark Waller | 05 February 2008


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