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Taking OneNote to the next level: everywhere, anywhere

Microsoft has just announced a series of new exciting features for its free-form, notes-gathering program, OneNote.

This latest round of changes makes it even more worthy of attention, with a true cross-platform, cloud-ready program that can keep notes in sync across multiple devices, accessible any time, everywhere.

Here is a list of what Microsoft announced today:


  • OneNote is now free. Yes, that’s right: you can now use OneNote on any platform for free.
  • OneNote now provides a Cloud API, so any web application can connect to it, creating the possibilities of new services. Already we can see there are applications using this feature, such as Feedly, News360, Weave and IFTTT.


  • Office Lens, a new app for Windows Phone that allows you to take a picture of a document or whiteboard and have that automatically sent to your OneNote default notebook.

Office Lens on Windows Phone

Office Lens on OneNote after sync 

  • Scan documents directly into OneNote thanks to partnerships with Brother and Epson.
  • Email your notes into OneNote by sending an email from your authenticated account to me@onenote.com.

Sending a new note to OneNote

New note from email

All these new features make OneNote an exciting office productivity application, refreshed and ready to meet competitors head on in this market.

Share with us in the comments how you are currently using OneNote and what these new features will mean for you and your business.

Posted by: Mauricio Freitas, Online & Digital Marketing Specialist | 18 March 2014

Tags: Cloud Computing, Office 365, productivity, Office

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