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Countdown to “mobile first, cloud first” world begins now

Businesses that rely on Microsoft technologies all around the world have been told, in no uncertain terms, that mobile-first, cloud-first is the path forward.

The message was clearly spelled out to attendees of Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference 2014, where 16,000 attendees representing Microsoft Partner companies from around the world were told that cloud is now integrated into the Microsoft Partner Network framework with new cloud-focused competencies around Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

This echoes Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s speech at Build, “[And] everything that we do going forward is grounded in this worldview, which I describe as the world of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence. It's an amazing canvas for innovation and it's an amazing opportunity for growth.

This move towards the cloud is exciting because it allows a large number of companies in the SMB space access to solutions that would otherwise be out of reach. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is just one example of a tool now available to these businesses, as well as Office 365, a hosted solution for communication and collaboration, and Windows Intune, a platform to manage and protect mobile devices anywhere, including Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices.

Cloud adoption is happening fast, with Microsoft reporting an average of 1,000 new customers signing up for Microsoft Azure services – every day.

Microsoft has just announced the final 365 day countdown to Windows Server 2003 end of support, which will happen on 14th July 2015. This means now is the time to work out a plan to update, consolidate and enable the move to a newer, more robust and secure platform, be it a continuing investment in your own infrastructure with migrations to Windows Server 2012 R2 or a move to the cloud.

Regardless of the direction you take, there are many new variables to consider. Technology has changed dramatically in the last decade since Windows Server 2003 became generally available. Markets around the world expect companies to be responsive, able to do business anywhere, anytime. While these old servers have provided us all with good services, it is now time to plan for the future and work towards a world where your customers can reach you anytime, from anywhere, from any device.

If this seems like a daunting task, it may be time to work with a trusted partner to ensure this journey takes your business to their destination.

As an award-winning Microsoft Partner, at Intergen we have been working with successful clients to ensure technology aligns with their vision and strategy, making sure the path towards the future will take their enterprises to the next level.

Whatever you do, now is the time to act.

Posted by: Mauricio Freitas, Online & Digital Marketing Specialist | 18 July 2014

Tags: Cloud, Microsoft Azure Services Platform, Office 365, Windows Server 2012, Lync

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