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There’s Never Been a better time to act on enterprise data security than NOW

In the last few days we have seen an incredible wave of ransomware threats going around companies in Europe and it’s not too far from reaching New Zealand shores. The time to act on data enterprise security is upon us.

Cybersecurity roadmap

Ransomware is a special kind of data threat, where one of the company’s most important assets is taken for ransom and released only after a certain amount is paid using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin – an almost untraceable transaction that makes it much harder to find the actual bad actors here.

The threat appears initially as a phishing email, as simple as an innocent-looking document or report that takes advantages of vulnerabilities found in unpatched operating systems to install itself and start looking for other unsecure systems in the local network. This kind of threat can rapidly spread around an organisation.

This is what happened with the UK’s National Health System, affected by the latest ransomware dubbed “wannacrypt”, the same malware that affected other companies such as Telefonica of Spain, FedEx, Deutsche Bank and others.

The recently launched CERT NZ has issued an advisory regarding the wannacry ransomware: “The ransomware has spread quickly via a vulnerability in machines running unpatched versions of Windows (XP through 2008 R2) by exploiting flaws in Microsoft Windows SMB Server. Once a single computer in a network is infected with WannaCry, the program looks for other vulnerable computers on the network and infects them as well.”

Recovering from this kind of threat is costly and time-consuming. It requires the existence of previous backup plans and emergency procedures.

Intergen has recently invited clients, partners and the public in general to attend a Cyber Security Roadmap webinar (happening 30th May 2017). Eligible attendees have the chance to receive a free security assessment afterwards. It’s a timely and current topic, which we urge organisations to pay attention to.

Now is always the best time to be prepared. Register for the Cyber Security Roadmap webinar (recording will be available after the event on 30th May 2017).

Posted by: Mauricio Freitas, Online & Digital Marketing Specialist | 16 May 2017

Tags: mobility, Security, system maintenance

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