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Owning – and personalising – the digital experience

Highlights of Sitecore’s Digital Trendspot 2014

As recent Sitecore partners, having formed a partnership with Sitecore earlier this year, Intergen had its first foray as a Sitecore partner sponsor at the Digital Trendspot held in Sydney last week. As sponsors of the Diehard Clubber networking room, we lived up to our work hard, play hard reputation. But more on that in a minute. First, my highlights and key takeaways from the day.

The importance of personalisation

With own the experience as the theme for the day, Sitecore’s focus on ‘personalisation’ and the importance of focusing on really understanding your customer as a human, not just a computer generated ‘segment’, came through very strongly. The Sitecore platform allows an organisation to think of its customers as ‘personas’ – enabling a different engagement based on the needs of each of these personas. Above all, your customer always needs to be the hero.

It was interesting to see that people are willing to sacrifice a degree of privacy in return for value – that people find it refreshing to have the ‘noise’ filtered out and to receive information and offers that are specifically tailored to them.

The importance of data (and of automating data management)

It’s not surprising to hear that marketers spend more than 50% of their time collecting and connecting data. Sitecore aims to help automate that part of the process, so marketers can focus on higher order activities.

Understanding the importance of every interaction

The Sitecore ‘Experience Platform’ provides marketers with one customer view: one platform, one experience, one way to measure the experience and one way to shape the experience. It allows you to collect, manage, optimise and analyse every interaction an individual has with your brand.


One of the messages that came through loud and clear at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington DC in July this year was Microsoft’s cloud first (and mobile first) mantra, and Microsoft’s huge push on – and the massive uptake of – Azure (with 300,000 Azure websites and 57% of Fortune 500 companies already using Azure, just for example). Sitecore can now be implemented on Microsoft Azure, and it’s pretty straightforward (it also works on Amazon).

Sitecore 8 is coming soon – and it’s going to be great

Sitecore 8 will be available before Christmas, and delivers a completely redesigned UI that’s a massive uplift on previous versions – and it’s expected to drive significant uptake. Sitecore 8 is designed for users and offers:

  • Sitecore App Centre – giving the ability to easily acquire and install new capability
  • Sitecore Marketplace – community developed modules and capabilities
  • Sitecore Cloud Edition – making it easier to deploy and upgrade

If you missed the event and you’re looking for some succinct pearls of wisdom to inspire you in your digital endeavours, Sitecore’s Marketing Director, Nicole Stirling, has wrapped up the top 10 quotes of the day here.

The personalisation message wasn’t just limited to Digital Trendspot’s session content, either. Delegates were asked to take a party persona survey before the event in order to determine their most likely preferred hangout at the networking sessions at the end of the day. As sponsors of the Diehard Clubber-themed room, we got to party in an environment featuring glow sticks, a buzzing dance floor, lots of yellow Intergen touches, Intergen highlights video and DJ Oscar de Lima, who has played in clubs across Sydney, NYC and Miami.

Sitecore Trendspot Australia 2014

There was a great vibe as everyone let their hair down at the end of the day, participating in regular competitions. There were four winners on the night, each one walked away with a $200 JB HiFi voucher. Well done to Justin Farrell, Reach Out; Mark Anderson, Apt Digital; Jen Kidd, Host Plus; and Rupert Drescher, Object Consulting. We had a great time meeting everyone, giving away competition clues, handing out prizes and generally have a good time networking – a great way to end a really valuable day! 

Posted by: Michael Morgan, Intergen CEO, Australia | 10 October 2014

Tags: Sitecore

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