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Bootcamp highlights from Intergen’s 2014 graduate intake

At the beginning of every year, we welcome our new graduates, and last week we officially inducted our 12 new graduates for 2014, exposing them to a week-long experience involving everything from PowerPoint presentations to outdoor pursuits. Perhaps the most important part of the grads’ first week is the bit that happens outside the classroom, well away from the office: the “bootcamp” component of our grad induction.

Spanning two days, this year's graduate bootcamp took place at Makahika Outdoor Pursuits Centre (in the foothills of the Tararuas, Levin). As part of the bootcamp we give an induction for the grads, helping them to learn about and understand Intergen as well as helping us to understand them and their required development.

But it’s far from being all about Intergen and the ins and outs of their roles – the bootcamp experience is a lot about self-awareness, knowing yourself, acknowledging your strengths, recognising blind sides and taking these learnings and applying them within the workplace. It’s a great opportunity for our newest Intergenites to apply things like planning, time management, leadership skills and team work – mostly in situations where they were well outside of their comfort zones – like abseiling down a cliff blindfolded! We asked our grads to reflect on the bootcamp experience and share with us some brief highlights.

It’s really exciting to see the enthusiasm and talent of this year’s grads, not to mention to see the strong bonds that form between them as a result of their intense first week. We look forward to seeing them all grow in their new roles.


Anapatt Thansomboon

Graduate Consultant – Dynamics AX, Sydney

Heading into the Intergen bootcamp, I had quite an uncertain feeling about what was in store and a sudden realisation that my work career was about to start very soon. Nervous about making good first impressions and so forth, I felt the pressure to show off my talents and the added stress.

However, these worries were quickly erased on the first day of bootcamp and instead I felt that Intergen was going to be start of something great.  Bootcamp was an excellent avenue for us graduates to meet our work colleagues and understand the Intergen culture better.

The balance between the office sessions and outdoor activities definitely made for a memorable week and further reinforced my views of Intergen as a well-rounded company. By the end, I had met some great people and had even made my own self-discoveries. Something that put me at ease and I couldn’t wait for the second week at the office to roll by.

The 10-metre high balance beam was definitely a highlight for me; we were given the task to walk across this beam but also to navigate past your buddy who was walking towards you. For someone who does not have any sense of balance, I was very delighted to have made it across, not to mention doing it 10 metres above the ground.

Thank you again for the opportunity and running the boot camp. It has already become a major highlight for my first year and I am looking forward to the many more triumphs during my time at Intergen.


Bridget Phillips

Graduate Developer – Business Intelligence, Wellington

Bootcamp was amazing!

Day 1: nervous faces, presentations, welcomes, driving to Levin in rush hour, and jigsaw puzzles til midnight.

Day 2: sleepy faces, raft building and riding (and the resulting insect bites to prove it), fancy food no one could pronounce, and card games til midnight.

Day 3:  relaxed faces, fire building, orienteering, high ropes, and home to bed before midnight.

Day 4: friendly faces, presentations, tours, more presentations (even by us this time), and home, looking forward to the next week.

Thanks Intergen!


Dara Sor

Graduate Developer – Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Wellington

Bootcamp was a very useful and great experience. You not only get to know and build relationship with people you’re going to work with, but you’re also able to apply the skills that you learn during the week, such as  leadership, team work, planning, time management, communication, and problem solving.

Beside the skills that we’ve learned, it’s really a fun adventure – especially doing things that we haven’t experienced before.

I’m looking forward to new challenges, learning new skills and new technologies in my new role.


Dharmistha Jeram

Graduate Consultant – Portals, Content and Collaboration, Wellington

I thoroughly enjoyed the bootcamp experience including most of the activities that we were required to perform, such as the rogaining exercise, the making of a 30-second video clip about Intergen and the flying fox. Another highlight involved blind-folded abseiling where each of the team members were required to abseil whilst wearing a blindfold. This activity was based on trust, with each team member relying on their other team members to guide them down the small cliff.

One of the most important things that I learned at bootcamp involved learning about each team members’ strengths and under-developed strengths. For a team to be successful, it is essential to learn about strengths and underdeveloped strengths as this enables a team to perform more effectively and most importantly, it enables a team to achieve their goals and objectives.

In my role as a graduate consultant, I am looking forward to working in an effective team, learning about SharePoint and new technologies and, most importantly, being able to develop and apply my skills in a dynamic working environment. 


Jess Todd

Graduate Developer – Portals, Content and Collaboration, Wellington

My bootcamp experience was definitely an enjoyable one. There were so many highlights but in particular I thought it was a great way to meet the other graduates and being to form bonds with them as we head into the unknowns of the working world. The activities we participated in were also incredibly fun, in particular jumping off the pamper pole.

The key learnings I have taken away were those of teamwork as well as being able to take on a leadership role within a group. We learnt our team’s strengths and weaknesses and were able to adjust to best use those.

I look forward to being assigned to a project and starting to learn the ropes of SharePoint as well as getting to work with some of the friends I have made throughout bootcamp.


Jessub Kim

Graduate Developer – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Wellington

I found the bootcamp to be a good starting point to put myself in the right mindset to start work at Intergen. I say this because it put me in a team environment with activities that mimic the workplace in a way, a bit like projects: each activity had a start and finish, as well as constraints in what we could do.

Personally, the highlight of the bootcamp was the last day’s competitive activity where each team was under pressure to finish things as soon as possible while at the same time performing well in them.

Right now, I am taking some time to learn the necessary knowledge for my new job. I'm very much looking forward to getting put on my first project work and proving myself in terms of skills and capabilities.


Michael Crook

Graduate Developer – Enterprise Applications, Wellington

I found bootcamp to be really amazing – no other company that I can think of would send out its graduates into the wilderness for two nights to let them bond and get to know each other and what it is to be a part of the Intergen team.

I really enjoyed the flying fox at the camp, although I didn't though appreciate doing it at night (I love going fast, but I hate heights/not knowing where I am).

I would say the most important thing that I learnt from the bootcamp wasn't anything that was taught, but instead the results of the learning, which was getting to know all of the other graduates. Without this experience I would have never got to know them as well as I do currently.

Going on into the workplace now, I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone and working with them to produce the best possible product that we can as a team.


Michelle Taylor

Graduate Consultant – Portals, Content and Collaboration, Wellington

Bootcamp was a great experience, helping me to gain an understanding of Intergen and our values. We were placed in a fun and friendly environment where we could get to know each other and take part in different activities such as blind folded abseiling, night flying fox and walking high beams.

My favourite was the flying fox! I learnt so much over the week including teamwork, leadership, communication and our own strengths and weaknesses. I am looking forward to bringing the skills I learnt on camp into the office and into the PCC team.


Nicky Crawford

Graduate Developer – Enterprise Applications, Wellington

Bootcamp was a great time for us new graduates to meet each other, learn about Intergen, develop our leadership skills and have a lot of fun. Each activity we participated in required one member of our team to take a leadership role. They had to find out the requirements of the activity from our "client", ask relevant questions, report back and lead the team through it. This approach allowed us to learn more about how we operated as a leader and forced us to be aware of each member of the team so we could play to their strengths.

It was great to be surrounded by a range of Intergenites from last year's graduates through to the company leaders. We got to know each person as an approachable individual rather than being defined by their position in the company hierarchy.

I really enjoyed jumping off the high pole and walking along the 14m high walk beam. Once you can convince your mind and your body that you are completely safe up there, it is really fun! I also enjoyed creating a camp fire from scratch and using it to boil an egg.

As new graduates there will be a lot for us to get our head around.  I learnt that although we are in charge of ourselves and our own progress, there is a network of people around us that are willing and able to help us with any problem we face. The best way to help ourselves is to ask questions, learn heaps and get involved. I am looking forward to learning a new set of languages and tools, and using this knowledge to create solutions that will be used by real clients to solve problems they are facing.

It will be interesting to work with a range of different clients and learn about what they do and how their businesses operate.


Seth Reid

Graduate Developer – Portals, Content and Collaboration, Christchurch

I had a great time at grad camp. I said to some of my friends that “I can’t believe I am saying this but I had one of the best times of my life at work training!”

My favourite part of bootcamp was meeting all the new grads as well as meeting some of the management in a casual and relaxed environment. Didn’t meet anyone I will be working with down here but it was still great to get into the culture and see what it was going to be like to work for Intergen.

The best thing I learnt was the importance of different people’s strength, weaknesses and their personality types. I felt the things the camp leader Sally taught us about playing to these things in a group work environment very helpful and I will carry that into my work with the company.

I am most looking forward to both meeting all my work mates and also learning a lot of new things. I love to learn and I understand there will be a lot of that ahead of me and I am excited about it.

Tom Jamed

Graduate Consultant – Portals, Content and Collaboration, Wellington

It was a fantastic experience where I not only had fun and got to build some new relationships with the new graduates here at Intergen but was able to develop and better myself at skills I was weak at before attending the boot camp. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful and all our  personal needs came across as catered for; further I feel that there was a good mix between the physical activities and the talks between how Intergen works, teams here at Intergen etc.

Looking back at it and as an overall experience it was a great where I gained lots of knowledge and was able to form some relationships with the new graduates and my colleagues around here that could and may last a lifetime.

The highlights for me were the physical activities at as boot camp attendees. This is not only because they were fun for the whole team but we formed some really tight relationships during this time. I think coming away and looking back at this, the key skills I learned would be – what makes an effective leader. For me it was collaboration, planning and task management amongst other things. I have already been at Intergen for 6 months so it isn’t exactly a new role or me but I am looking forward to the new grads being in the team to work with and carry on building these new found skills and relationships with.


Thomas Rowe

Graduate Infrastructure Engineer, Wellington

Bootcamp for me was a wonderful experience to get to know the other grads, and some of the existing Intergen team. The combination of Physical, Mental and Team activity was right up my street and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the abilities.

Highlights for me would have been the flying fox (from an adrenaline junkie’s perspective) and the milk-crate tower building activity (from a team and activity perspective).

I’m most looking forward to working within a team that combines a range of skills into one cohesive unit, and furthering my knowledge of all of Intergen’s core functions.


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Click image to check the entire gallery on Facebook

Posted by: Moira Dalton, Senior HR Advisor | 30 January 2014

Tags: Grads, Graduate Recruitment

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