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Well, we have gone and done it again... after a few years of lying low, Intergen entered the JRA/Unlimited Best Places to Work competition again after placing sixth three years running - only to turn up there again!! It must be appreciated, though, that - having experienced tremendous growth - we have jumped from the small category in previous years to the medium to large category this year. What is it about the number six? And imagine if we came seventh - oh, the disappointment there would have been!

So what is it that keeps us in the top ten (or should I say top six) after all these years?

I’ve been with Intergen coming up three years, and there sure has been a fair bit of growth during that time, which has happened at an alarming speed. One of the things that management and Keri and I kept firmly in our heads whilst we recruited the masses was a strong emphasis on retaining that small company feel that our current employees loved, which is far too easy to lose during these transitions. Things such as keeping our structure flat, ensuring that managers and directors are easily approachable and keeping communications throughout the company clear and consistent are ways we do this.

On top of this - let’s face it, we are great at what we do. Intergen employees are playing with new technologies as soon as we know they exist, not to mention that Intergen employees also create new technologies, a number of which are at an international level. We have a number of Microsoft MVPs working for us, and we strongly promote the sharing of knowledge and ideas. And when you need to get away from the computer screen? Just head to the chill-out zone and spend some time challenging your workmates to a game or two on the X-Box.

We encourage our employees to get involved in further education, such as becoming Microsoft certified, and also help a number of employees by paying for them to partake in tertiary study part-time. We also like to be seen as a family friendly company and have introduced a maternity package for staff, offering top-ups on the government payment for staff on maternity leave.
Work life balance is something we encourage in a number of different forms, such as sponsored sports teams. The majority of these teams play around lunchtime during the week and include indoor soccer, indoor netball and touch rugby, promoting employees to get away from their computer screens and get exercising. And of course we have our sponsored dragon boating team who compete not only locally but also at a national level - and lo and behold - they do very well! Second in the Wellington festival this year and third in the nationals! What - geeks that are competitive in the sports arena too?! Never!!

Socialising is something we like to do, and tend to do very well at Intergen! All of our four New Zealand offices celebrate the end of the week with Friday drinks and nibbles put on by the company. A great way to end the week, we all knock off at 4.30 and catch up over an informal meeting to toast our employees’ successes and laugh while we hear the nominations for the Brookes awards (the person that has done the stupidest/most embarrassing thing that week) as well as hearing all the latest news and goings-on within the company, meeting our newbies and hearing how projects are going.

And going hand in hand with this is our very active social club which sees monthly events ranging from poker nights to go carting to outdoor bowls and the legendary ‘amazing bar race’, as well as their yearly weekends away - there is something for everyone!

I could go on and on about all the great things about working at Intergen, but at the end of the day it comes down to this: people like working here. Being one of the top 10 JRA/Unlimited Best Places to Work is a great achievement, but for us Intergenites it just confirms what we live and breathe every day.

Posted by: Nadine Newport, HR Manager | 07 April 2008

Tags: Best Places to Work

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