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An ex iPhone user speaks out: "My new life with Windows Phone 7"

Up until a few weeks ago I was a contented iPhone user, oblivious to the vast possibilities that lay ahead of me, and to just how useful a business tool a little old phone can really be. So much can change in such a short space of time!

Windows Phone 7I should probably come right out and say that I have known many phones in my time – Windows phones, Blackberries and iPhones included. Not only do mobile phones satisfy my new-technology fixation, but there’s the bling factor to consider, too: they’re the ultimate (unisex) fashion accessory.

And now I have my hot little hands on an HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7, my iPhone 4 having been ‘gifted’ to my very understanding husband.

So here are my first impressions – a customer review of sorts – having just jumped the fence.


The allure

When I got my hands on it in the shop, one of the first things that struck me was how super-fast and sexy it was. This was a really big selling point for me (the super-fast part, I mean) because in my role I don’t have a lot of time and I’m also very impatient. And, being impatient by nature, I couldn’t wait to get it up and running!


Getting up and running

I bought the phone at the airport on my way to catch a plane and had it all going in what felt like mere seconds – but was probably more like 10 minutes – by the time I boarded. And I completed the whole set-up using the airport’s wifi – I entered my Windows Live ID, my Facebook details and Exchange information and I’ve never looked back. I’m officially hooked.


What’s so cool about it?

Since I’ve had my new phone I’ve been showing it to everyone – my team, clients, the guy who makes my coffee in the morning… And I think I’ve even convinced most of my team (several of whom are disciples of the iPhone variety) to go the way of the Windows Phone 7.

Everything is right there, in front of you, all in one place, integrated – so it takes you no time to find anything. I can quickly flip over into What’s New and Friends and see all the people I’ve recently been in touch with via phone or online.

Touted by Microsoft in its advertising as the “phone to save us from our phones” – designed to get you in, and out, and back to life – the phone’s unobtrusiveness, along with its intuitiveness, integrated features and its speed, is really what sets it apart from any other phone I’ve used.


What do I like most about it?

As a business tool it’s outstanding. The Outlook interface is extremely intelligent and fast and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange. You can also manage multiple email accounts and calendars, which makes managing (and keeping separate) work and personal priorities really simple. Everything is colour coded, too, so you can see at a glance which is which. There’s even a ‘running late’ button so you can email or text someone from within your calendar if your day isn’t running to schedule.

Microsoft Office is easy to use, too, wherever you are. You just need to open One Note, for example, and send your documents to Sky Drive so that you can access them from any computer anywhere. You can also open and work on SharePoint workspaces from the phone.

The interface is incredibly crisp, the call quality is good and finding things is really easy. I love the IE browser and it’s great being able to do everything from the address bar, which you can’t with the iPhone. You can rearrange views really easily and pin your favourites so that your views are totally tailored.

My list of highlights wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the games. I’m not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, but since owning my Windows Phone 7 I’m now all signed up with an Xbox Live account and I have developed a bit of a thing for Bejeweled Live – especially good for de-stressing at the end of a busy day!

And I shouldn’t forget to mention that it’s very stylish (as all good fashion accessories should be).

When people ask me why I’ve made the switch, I tell them I’ve upgraded and then I show them why with a quick demo, focusing on People, Outlook and Calendar. The phone speaks for itself, really!


What have I missed?

There are lots of great, really practical apps – like Twitter, Facebook and Air New Zealand’s MPass which allows you to check in with your phone – with more being added every day. Marketplace works in the same way as the iPhone App Store, and messaging has a familiar and intuitive feel about it, especially if you’re accustomed to using an iPhone.

Having said all this, though, the best way to see what I’m talking about (and why I’m taking the time to rave about it) is to sit down for 10 minutes with a Windows Phone 7 and see for yourself.

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Posted by: Naomi Lind, Chief Projects Officer | 22 November 2010

Tags: Windows Phone 7

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