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Azure App Foundry – an approach to enterprise app development that saves you time and money

Part of the reasoning for developing Azure App Foundry was to meet our customers’ growing demands for an easier way to extend the functionality of legacy software systems.

Azure App Foundry – an approach to app development that saves you time and money

Take your average enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, for instance. They are typically great at integrating all of the functions necessary to running a business – planning, procurement, HR, customer relations, finance and analytics.

But they are notoriously bad at delivering an excellent experience to a mobile workforce seeking to tap into the ERP system for information it needs while in the field.

Extending your legacy systems

A building maintenance crew, for instance, will want to update the status and condition of assets and infrastructure. Workers will need to add notes and photos detailing assessments and quality checks. The system needs to consider the crew’s unique scheduling and reporting requirements. Everything has to be delivered securely and with an intuitive user interface on the smartphone and tablet.

An option might be to buy an off-the-shelf field service software to interface with your ERP system. But how customisable is it? Will it meet your specific requirements?

Intergen’s Azure App Foundry brings a new alternative approach to extending these legacy systems. We use the strong foundation provided by the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform plus well-established tools and DevOps processes to develop the apps that will front-end your ERP system, giving your field workforce a great user experience and help keep them productive.

With Azure App Foundry, we synchronise with your back-end solutions and map and integrate the data you need to deliver to mobile workers. We design the dashboards, forms, rich media, mapping and GIS features and configure them for you. Because we are not creating these features from scratch, but leveraging the Azure framework, you are already five or six steps down the road ahead of traditional bespoke software development.

Rapid app development

It is not uncommon for customers using Azure App Foundry to have functionality delivered in the first week and the first sprint of a project. Using an Agile approach, we employ rapid prototyping, continuous feedback and a ‘fail fast’ ethos for quicker, more productive development.

Developing a software solution from scratch will usually require significant upfront work on business requirements as well as system and platform design and architecture. By short-circuiting that process with Azure App Foundry, we have been able to deliver highly functional and user-friendly apps in as little as half the time and at half the cost.

The approach we employ with Azure App Foundry doesn’t mean you end up with a vanilla product and user experience. Apps developed this way are fully customisable. We make sure that your app reflects your organisation’s branding and desired user experience in the finished product. With Microsoft Azure Cloud technology underpinning it, we can continuously iterate, test and improve the app in the live environment.

Our engineering and DevOps teams can handle the whole process for you, or work in partnership with your software engineers to get the job done.

Reduced risk, less uncertainty

Rather than going down a path of uncertainty that comes with building a system from scratch, you can reduce your risk profile by leveraging a tried and tested platform, the DevOps processes and experience Intergen has developed through decades of work with hundreds of clients.

Develop and deploy new apps

Hamilton-based Gallagher Group harnessed Azure App Foundry (case study) to develop its online channel for a security solution, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses and home users.

Gallagher needed a platform that would connect its inventory and sales systems with a portal for customers and a network of installers of its building access and camera security solutions, connected via the cloud for easy configuration and management.

There are two key reasons Gallagher chose Azure App Foundry, says Gallagher’s Chief Information Officer, Neville Richardson: “We were able to deliver in nine months, what would have taken twice as long and cost three times as much with one of the monolithic systems available to us.”

For the first time, Gallagher was able to measure every part of its customers’ journey, identifying barriers to purchase and problems with the installer experience. The ability to rapidly deploy an app, to iterate on the functionality and improve in response to those actionable insights, gave Gallagher a solution that will grow and develop in tandem with the company’s e-commerce needs.

Along the way in this process, Gallagher had Intergen’s experts and experience in app development to draw on.

Azure App Foundry isn’t just about breathing new life into legacy software systems by extending their functionality. It can be applied when developing entirely new cloud-based solutions from scratch.


Visit the Azure App Foundry site to find out how Intergen can help you reinvent your approach to enterprise application development.

Azure App Foundry is the low-code answer to building enterprise apps

Posted by: Nick Hadlee, Practice Manager | 05 March 2020

Tags: Microsoft Azure, Application development, Azure App Foundry, Low-code

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