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What CIOs need to know about SharePoint

I found this really useful article the other day on the CIO website. If you’re considering SharePoint as an enterprise content management and collaboration platform for your business, it is a must-read. It presents a very realistic and balanced picture of the total, ‘real’ cost of SharePoint implementations.

As a company we’re committed to SharePoint, and believe it delivers a solid foundation for managing content and information throughout an enterprise. But like many such platforms, while the core offering is undeniably robust, it can take some effort to get it to do exactly what you want it to do.

I don’t want to give too much away about the article, but – as a quick preview – the author emphasises that SharePoint is a configurable tool that can be configured in many ways. It’s an incredibly valuable enterprise level tool, but CIOs need to look at the big picture and factor in the ‘unexpected’ costs from the outset in order to get a realistic picture of the scope of their intended SharePoint implementation and set their ROI expectations accordingly.

The article reinforces what we have been telling our customers for years about SharePoint. We’re the type of organisation that wants to be upfront about the ins and outs of a proposed solution. We’re strong supporters of and believers in SharePoint, but we want our customers to have a full understanding of the road ahead of them – and that includes any potential challenges that they may encounter along the way.

As an organisation we’ve successfully implemented dozens of SharePoint solutions over the years, and while some of the points of this article are put strongly, it’s also important for anyone considering an investment in these kinds of solutions to make an informed decision.

It’s important for us to hear what real users are saying about these technologies and weigh up the world of opinion that’s out there. We want to offer the best solution, after all, and we can only do this if we’re always continuing to look outwards to make sure our perspectives on the technology landscape are well-informed and relevant.

Posted by: Paul Murray, Business Development Manager | 07 July 2009

Tags: SharePoint, CIO

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