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Power BI demo on-demand live now!

Having a busy day and don’t have time to meet with us face to face to see a Power BI demo? We have made it easier for you to experience Power BI, anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft Power BI demo on-demand

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyse and share insights, monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device. 

The interactive demo is built for a ficticious Construction & Infrastructure Project Delivery company, providing insights into the company's sales pipeline. You play the role of a senior executive, using Microsoft Power BI to bring in data from multiple sources such as Microsoft Dynamics, databases, live APIs and even data from spreadsheets.

You will be able to interact with the dashboard data and charts to see instant changes in the visualisations and watch a video showing different ways of visualising the data in the dashboard - then try it yourself!

The demo dashboard provides the following key capabilities to a Project Manager or senior executives of the organisation:

  • Opportunity Overview: provides an overview about projects in the various stages of the sales pipeline and the distribution of the project value over the years
  • Opportunity Map: provides a geographical representation of the projects and their sales pipelines stage
  • Forecast Revenue: shows a financial overview including forecasted turnover by date and project cost type
  • Estimated Revenue: shows the estimated revenue breakdown by projects and sectors. The visualisation allows the user to slice and dice the data on multiple fields


Register here to have instant access to the interactive Power BI demo on-demand. 

Posted by: Priyanka Roy, Head of Data & AI | 17 January 2017

Tags: Power BI, Data Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Less Busyness More Business, Data Analytics

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