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SKYCITY Variety of Chefs Part 2

It was a privilege to attend the recent SKYCITY Variety of Chefs event.  I use the word privilege as that’s what came to mind when I explained to my own children what Variety did and that there were children in NZ, in our city even, who didn’t have the money to buy school uniforms and rugby boots. 

Their uncomprehending six and eight year old minds are the pure definition of the word privilege, I am too embarrassed to say here what their suggestions on the necessities in life were at the time.

Along with 350 other privileged individuals we attended a night of fantastic food, wine and entertainment.

We heard from the Variety CEO, Lorraine Taylor how our support is helping kids to be involved in the aspects of a normal kiwi childhood, Variety provides the necessities that these kids go without. There are only a few countries in the world who would consider rugby boots a critical part of a kid’s childhood, however as my first season being a rugby mum draws to a close I can wholeheartedly agree. 

The transformation undertaken by my somewhat shy little girl as she played her first season of rugby has been amazing. She has not only gained confidence but she takes pride in being part of a team and I have never known her to listen to an adult with the attention she devotes to her coach. The gift of a pair of rugby boots by Variety to a kiwi kid that would otherwise miss out is giving our future society and workforce an increased level of personal pride and co-operation skills that are critical. 

In addition, Lorraine read a letter about how the school uniform provided to a child gave them a sense of belonging - this is the way we want all our children to feel as we know this has a positive impact on how children learn.

We attended to support our client Variety and it was a great opportunity to share with some of our other clients the exciting story of how our innovative but practical approach to technology has helped Variety increase the number of kids they sponsor. 

As a result of the technology we helped Variety implement they have been able to sponsor 1500 more kids, a 75% increase. That’s a lot of school uniforms and rugby boots which will drive more of the positive outcomes we need for our next generation.

I know I got my credit card out at the event and while I am not lucky enough to be joining Mike McRoberts cycling in Vietnam next year I know that through my sponsorship there is one more kiwi kid getting some of the advantages my own children take for granted. I encourage you to participate https://heartlink.variety.org.nz/findchild/.

Posted by: Raewyn Walker, Client Director | 29 August 2017


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