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Empathy at the heart of successful technology solutions

After the Microsoft partner awards last week we have added the trophies to the cabinet, recovered from our celebratory hangovers and had time to reflect. To achieve success at these awards you need to be able to tell a great story of how you were able to leverage technology to solve a business problem.

Sounds simple enough… Business problems that cause increase in cost or loss of productivity should be easy to identify and define the cause of. Having been in this game a while it’s fair to say I feel all the easy, obvious problems have been solved or at least we understand what the solution looks like, thanks mainly to the cloud.

The cloud, which grants access to enterprise-ready technology solutions at the provision of a credit card, is democratising technology consumption. As innovators and integrators, where then do we find the harder-to-solve problems, the ones worthy of the desired trophy mentioned above?

It’s not where we go to get the solutions, it’s how we find the problems. Which brings me to what has emerged recently as a new guiding principle in technology delivery: EMPATHY.

Empathy came through as a key aspect of all of the solutions that won last week’s awards. Every single story told described not only the fantastic and elastic technology stack on which it was built, but how the award recipient partner listened to their client and really understood the business problem.

Having been inside the projects that resulted in our award success, I can say this empathy is a key principle. I know that the moment our client tells me and our team really understand their world we have what we need to achieve mutual success.

Yes, the technology landscape now makes solution delivery exciting with the availability of complex compute power and AI components on tap that were only in the movies a decade ago. Satya Nadella, one of the great technology leaders of our generation, has been emphasising the value of empathy for some time now. The much-hyped new look Microsoft under his leadership is one clearly tilted toward a more empathetic approach, where they listen to their customers and partners.

With good reason, successful technology solutions – the ones that deliver business value and win awards – are part technology but mostly clever application. Knowing where and how to apply technology is a direct result of your “ability to understand and share the feelings of another” (that by the way is a Googled definition of EMPATHY).

Intergen Team at Microsoft NZ Partner Awards 2018

At Intergen we are lucky to have clients who see the value in the technology partner understanding the problem. They are mature enough to risk potential vulnerability and tell us their biggest problems and challenges. They take the approach that lets us walk in their shoes for a while so we can truly understand their perspective. Our understanding of the problem at that level then creates an emotional investment from the team who then push the boundaries of what we thought technically possible to deliver a solution.


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For more experts' insights, clients' experience and to download the whitepaper, click the banner #cxreimagine

Posted by: Raewyn Walker, Client Director | 29 June 2018

Tags: Microsoft Partners, #CXreimagine

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