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Why I’m back at Intergen: “The time is now, the place is here”

This is week three at Intergen for me, but in a lot of ways it’s also week 501. That raises the obvious question – why did I come back?

To answer that, let me explain a few challenges/opportunities that I want to be right in the middle of solving:

Global water scarcity

The pace of urbanisation in the world means that we may not have the labour force to harvest enough food. What would happen in New Zealand, if we doubled our kiwifruit harvest? Will we have twice the backpackers to harvest it?

So, the pressure is on agrifood innovation to solve this problem of feeding the future world population. We should do something quickly. “The time is now.”

But how – and where – would you do that? New Zealand is the only developed economy where agriculture is the number one sector. We have all sorts of food production models to experiment with, a great history of agricultural innovation, and a great technology sector to support it all. Canterbury is the food bowl of New Zealand so right here, where I am, is a great place. “The place is here.”

Working with agricultural and food processors has always been a passion of mine and Intergen, as part of the Empired Group offers a great scale across New Zealand, Australia and North America. It’s an innovative organisation working across the agricultural and food industries and organisations already and Intergen has a great mindset to create your future advantage, delivered today. Pair all of this with the offering of a great role to focus on the agrifood sector, it was an easy choice and the right place to be in the middle of creating solutions, and very clearly – “The time is now, the place is here.”

Want to have a chat? Get in touch with me at scruff@intergen.co.nz.

Posted by: Richard Malloch, Client Director | 20 July 2018

Tags: New Zealand food exporters, Food and Beverage industry, Water scarcity

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