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The benefits of social collaboration in the enterprise – what are they, really, and where are the proof points?

The greatest thing about taking a presentation on the road is having honest conversations with real people, hearing about their day-to-day experiences and frustrations first-hand. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  09 September 2013

Social Media, Yammer, Enterprise Social, social collaboration

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The roadmap for the social enterprise: deeper connections, connected experiences

At the root of social technologies lies a drive for two things: open conversations and personal connections. And while social platforms have been ubiquitous in our personal lives for some time now, the penny is fast dropping within the enterprise. Business is social, and organisations need to embrace these “connected experiences” – connections between people, and connections between various technologies – in order to get the most from their people and to gain competitive advantage in an ever-changing world. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  16 May 2013

CRM, SharePoint, Cloud, ERP, Social Media, Mobile, Facebook, SMARTS, Office 365, Yammer, SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Dynamics, Office, enterprise resource planning, ESN, gartner, Smarts 31, Smarts Magazine, Social Enterprise

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Twilight Recap: SharePoint 2013 insights

Robert Stewart, Solution Specialist for Intergen’s Innovation, Strategy and Solutions Team, spoke to attendees about Microsoft SharePoint 2013, taking a look at where we’ve come from and what the new SharePoint is like today. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  10 September 2012

Twilight recap, SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint Web Content Management and Mobile

Intergen has been using the web content management capability of SharePoint to build attractive and highly functional intranets, extranets and public-facing websites since it was introduced in 2007. While SharePoint 2010 provided great functionality improvements for building highly branded and customised websites, the capabilities in 2013 have raised the bar even further and positioned SharePoint well and truly among the leaders in the web content management space. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  03 September 2012

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Snapshots from SharePoint Conference 2011

As my colleagues ( Nick and Gavin ) have already blogged, SharePoint Conference 2011 was a massive conference with over 7,500 people attending from around the world, 240+ sessions, and 200 vendors displaying their wares. The main theme of the conference was about making the most of your existing investment in SharePoint. The tagline being that attendees never utter the words “I didn’t know SharePoint could do that” ever again. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  02 November 2011

SharePoint, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Conference, SharePoint User Group, SharePoint Technology Conference

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What is the major advantage of upgrading to SharePoint 2010 for New Zealand businesses?

Anyone who has worked on a SharePoint project knows that SharePoint development can be challenging. Typically the development phase of any SharePoint implementation is not trivial and contributes significantly to the cost of the overall solution. With the current state of the economy and with reduced IT budgets, cost is an important consideration for every organisation. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  12 May 2010

SharePoint 2010

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Content Deployment with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)

Content Deployment is a powerful part of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). It can also be a bit of a challenge in highly customised environments. Recently I had the task of enabling Content Deployment in an internet-facing situation. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  22 April 2009

MOSS, Content Deployment

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