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What is the major advantage of upgrading to SharePoint 2010 for New Zealand businesses?

Anyone who has worked on a SharePoint project knows that SharePoint development can be challenging. Typically the development phase of any SharePoint implementation is not trivial and contributes significantly to the cost of the overall solution. With the current state of the economy and with reduced IT budgets, cost is an important consideration for every organisation.

At the risk of sounding like a Monty Python sketch, I’ll say that in the early days of SharePoint 2007 it was tough being a developer. There was nothing like the wealth of information, tooling or support that developers now have leading into the launch of SharePoint 2010. In 2007 the developers had a lot to learn; there was so much richness to SharePoint that at times it was hard to know where to begin.

However, as SharePoint adoption started to snowball and more people bought in to the idea of SharePoint as the business collaboration platform for enterprise and the web, more tools and support became available to assist in the development of SharePoint 2007 solutions.

SharePoint developers around the world united to create development tools and best practice patterns, and shared these with the wider SharePoint community. As this community grew, so too did the number of successful SharePoint development projects that were delivered on time and on-budget, to the point where Microsoft has now sold over 100 milllion licenses worldwide. SharePoint now sits firmly at the centre of Microsoft’s future vision.

Microsoft, in the development of SharePoint 2010 has listened to the desires, wants and needs of the SharePoint development community to build a comprehensive SharePoint development productivity toolset and tweak the inner workings of SharePoint 2010. This has given developers a much improved and clearer pathway to achieve the things we need, to create more robust, repeatable and maintainable development solutions to business problems.

I was asked the other day, “What is the major advantage of upgrading to SharePoint 2010 for New Zealand businesses?”

From what I have experienced so far the productivity enhancements and new developer toolsets provided by Microsoft for SharePoint 2010 enables developers to work faster and more efficiently and create solutions of a higher quality, with fewer defects and deployment issues. I believe this will lead to a lower overall development cost, reduce total solution cost, and provide a larger return on investment for the New Zealand businesses that adopt SharePoint 2010.

Posted by: Robert Stewart, Solution Specialist | 12 May 2010

Tags: SharePoint 2010

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