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Twilight Recap: SharePoint 2013 insights

Robert Stewart, Solution Specialist for Intergen’s Innovation, Strategy and Solutions Team, spoke to attendees about Microsoft SharePoint 2013, taking a look at where we’ve come from and what the new SharePoint is like today. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  10 September 2012

Twilight recap, SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint Web Content Management and Mobile

Intergen has been using the web content management capability of SharePoint to build attractive and highly functional intranets, extranets and public-facing websites since it was introduced in 2007. While SharePoint 2010 provided great functionality improvements for building highly branded and customised websites, the capabilities in 2013 have raised the bar even further and positioned SharePoint well and truly among the leaders in the web content management space. ... read full post

Posted by:  Robert Stewart , Solution Specialist |  03 September 2012

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