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TWILIGHT UPDATE: Emergency Management Systems for your Organisation

With all of the natural disasters we have experienced recently, emergency management has been high on many organisations’ agendas. Bryan Gallagher, Managing Consultant for Intergen, presented a Twilight looking at how Emergency Management Systems can assist your organisation in a volatile situation.

Bryan looked at emergency management systems that Intergen and other New Zealand organisations are utilising and examined how these have prepared an organisation for outcomes beyond our control. It was great to see Bryan’s demo, which showed the software in action. The solutions draw on an array of functions and features, including maps, data analysis tools, cell phone and email alerts, to help manage an emergency situation.

Below are the slides from Bryan’s presentation.

We also had a special guest, Steve Milligan, CEO of TacPlans. Steve introduced TacTV to the audience and how this software program supports disaster management with the use of media intelligence. Below are the slides from Steve’s presentation.

Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 09 May 2011

Tags: Twilight recap

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