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*TWILIGHT UPDATE* Mobility: The Changing Face of Business

We live in the ‘now’ generation and, as we move ahead, having to wait for information has become a thing of the past. And the ubiquity of the smartphone is only making this more the case. At a recent Intergen Twilight seminar, Ben Gracewood gave us some insight into the world of mobility and how it’s steadily, pervasively, changing the face of business.

Ben Gracewood, Mobility: The changing face of business

The Mobile Phone

Ben Gracewood, Intergen Solution Architect and Windows Phone MVP, told our Twilight audiences that there are up to 400,000 iPhone users in New Zealand, and many more smartphone users (a figure which is forecasted to climb), and over half of mobile purchasers will buy a smartphone over a feature phone, according to Neilsen’s research. People now have access to the internet anywhere, at any time, satisfying what is becoming more and more prevalent these days: immediacy in all things.

Mobile vs. Laptops/Tablets/Computers

There will be just as many smartphones as laptops in a few years, according to a study by Morgan Stanley. Mobile internet search traffic will be first in line with laptops, tablets and computers coming behind. This isn’t to say that laptops, tablets and computers will be a thing of the past. But it’s important to realise that mobility is not just a trend anymore, and that it’s here now. Ben also gave insight into mobile internet traffic, emphasising that it is at its busiest in the evenings and weekends, in contrast to laptops, tablets and computers’ internet searches, which are busiest in the weekdays during the day.

NZ and the Mobile

Ben also gave an overview of the mobile market in NZ, where many people are having a ‘love affair’ with the iPhone. However, Ben points out the iPhone won’t dominate forever. Windows Phone 7 has Nokia on board and should bump up the queue along with the Android, especially with the developments that are underway by Microsoft. He also addressed the costs of internet usage via the smartphone in New Zealand. Ben says: “At the moment internet costs via mobile in NZ compared to other places are expensive. However, with decreases in pricing, internet usage will take off.”

Mobile Web – Application vs. Website

So where to from here? Ben outlines the two mobile solutions that are on offer, mobile app vs. web, and covers the pros and cons of each. He emphasises that the choice you make entirely depends on who your customers are and what your website is used for. Below are some pointers for each choice:


Mobility app vs. web


In his session, Ben emphasised the ways in which Intergen and Microsoft can help businesses to develop a mobile design and development strategy, from helping businesses with mobile device management, to online applications and web development.

Below are Ben's presentation slides from the Twilight Seminar. 

This will walk through the implications of adopting an Agile Software Development approach; the responsibilities it puts on the business team, and the discipline it requires of the technical team. Joe will explore some of the common complications that can arise in an Agile Software Development environment and some strategies for addressing them.

Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 22 July 2011

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