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SharePoint Extended – A Twilight recap.

At the last Twilight Steve Lapwood, Intergen’s Principal Management Consultant, helped attendees put content management into perspective and delved into the realities of the content-rich world we live in today. Steve showed how SharePoint and its extensions – in this case RecordPoint and Oneplace mail – can help keep your content in clear, consistent working order for you and your organisation.

Steve Lapwood presenting SharePoint Extended

With the exponential information growth we have seen over the last few years, content management can be overwhelming. As Steve says, “Content needs to be stored, and for it to be useful it needs to have context or it becomes a nightmare.”

The facts:

  • Every 10 minutes 500 million emails and 25 million Google searches occur.
  • 30% of people will spend their time trying to search for information, 5% will find what they are looking for and if they can’t, they will recreate it. And as Steve says – “That’s the real challenge.”
  • Results show many businesses are not managing their electronic information very well. This includes an unmanaged chaotic mess of tweets, blogs, email and attachments, voice/telephone recordings, images, video files and office documents (Word, Excel, etc).
  • Content is now generated on an array of platforms which now includes mobile (which is likely to become a huge content generator).
  • Microsoft Office is said to be a core content generator with CRM, Lync and instant messaging following not far behind.
  • Navigation vs. Search: Most people would rather someone navigate them right to the spot where content resides (especially the more experienced workers today) than use a search engine.
  • Improving efficiency is at the top of the list for businesses when it comes to content management.
  • Two of the most important issues businesses are dealing with (for content management) are implementing electronic records management and agreeing to a file plan.

Overall, we live in the ‘Black Hole of Information’ and businesses need not only a platform, but a plan in place to manage the ever-increasing creation of content through myriad channels.

SharePoint is changing the game – and it’s extended

Steve stressed that companies that implement a full ECM system improve their confidence in electronic information three hundred percent. SharePoint has changed the content management game. As Steve says, “It’s a cohesive environment.” SharePoint is an application platform that provides a business with clear picture of their content situation; not only allowing people to manage their content but also allowing them to connect and collaborate. It provides one single place to go to, and it now also talks with mobile.

SharePoint’s functionality can be greatly enhanced through extension. Steve ran through the RecordPoint programme, which allows you to create rules, classify, comply, dispose of and secure content. OneMail is also another useful and new programme which automatically captures email metadata and connects SharePoint with Microsoft Office, Outlook and File Explorer.

When implementing such a system, Steve points out that it is important to run through the solution delivery framework and emphasised that deployments and adoption are key.

You can view Steve’s slides below.

Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 06 September 2011

Tags: Content, SharePoint, OnePlaceMail, RecordPoint, Twilight recap

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