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Event Recap: EPiServer 7 Update and Roadmap

If you’re looking to update or get a new CMS (content management system) then EPiServer is one to check out. Especially if the words mobile, personalisation, social media and SEO spring to mind, EPiServer truly makes these things easy and will bring you back to the most important part of your job: connecting with your customers.

EPiServer 7 Update and Roadmap

Andreas and Chris presenting EPiServer Update and Roadmap in Wellington


Chris Pope, EPiServer’s CEO, and Andreas Stjernstrom, EPiServer’s Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, spoke to attendees about the new EPiServer 7 and how it makes creating content via your website easy.

EPiServer 7 allows you to get your message out to the right people, at the right time, through the right channels. Mobile, personalisation, social media and SEO (to name just a few) are important aspects that help make this happen, and EPiServer 7 has integrated these into their content management system to help ensure you not only provide the best experience for your users, but have the tools to analyse and keep track of what’s happening with your ‘message’.  


Some key benefits of EPiServer 7

  • New user interface – compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop. It’s more intuitive and minimalistic making it easy for the content manager to do their job, no matter what device they’re using.
  • Responsive design – you can build your web pages for multiple devices (mobile, tablet and desktop) and EPiServer provides views on the visitor experience so you can see how your users are using your web page.
  • Personalisation – you can target specific content to users based on behaviour history, location and business rules. For example, if you’re providing weather forecasts you can display weather information specific to the user’s geographic location.
  • Social media – the ability to integrate your social media channels with your website and track your ROI from that communication channel.
  • SEO – easily test and optimise SEO in real time using keyword analysis and also get on-page recommendations to help increase your search engine rankings.
  • Integration – Google analytics, .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, CRM and SalesForce, to name a few, are compatible with EPiServer and easy to integrate.
  • Schedule publishing – really useful if you need something to be published at a specific time.


To find out more about EPiServer 7, you can check out Andreas’ and Chris’s presentation slides below:


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Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 21 November 2012

Tags: EPiServer, Mobile, Social, Twilight, Website, CMS, Content Management System, EPiServer 7, Event, Recap

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