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Twilight Recap: Microsoft Roadmap Overview

Chris Auld, Intergen’s Chief Technology Officer, spoke at our latest Twilight Seminar, looking at Microsoft’s Roadmap and what he believes are the important areas to watch out for, highlighting mobile and social as the movers and shakers in the tech world.

Twilight Recap: Micrsoft Roadmap Overview

This is a big year for Microsoft: the biggest since Windows 1995. Five key things to take away from Chris’s twilight that will be influencing Microsoft’s new releases are:

  • You can’t sacrifice security and governance for utility
  • If you don’t help users, they will help themselves
  • Social will move from apps to platform and a cross-organisational structure
  • Now is a good time to pay down technical debt
  • Skype has significant disruptive potential


You can’t sacrifice security and governance for utility

Chris points out that: “The ubiquity of mobile presents a challenge, especially when it comes to security; at the moment there are a whole lot of grey areas with BYOD and management around this. Ensuring your device is protected and secure is high on Microsoft’s agenda; it should be high on the agenda of IT professionals here in New Zealand as well... a key benefit of Windows 8, and by extension Windows Phone 8, is that they support extremely robust all-of-device encryption using a tool called BitLocker. The other technology to watch for is going to be SkyDrive Pro; this will provide a Dropbox style sync capability but with the option of storing the data back into your on-premises SharePoint Server.”

For many of us (information workers) your mobile is the first thing you look at when you wake up and go to sleep. Chris clarifies that mobile is more than just a phone in your pocket; it’s also your laptop and tablet. There’s still a time and place for the desktop and the modern workplace is now made up of a myriad of hybrid devices, and Microsoft is ensuring their ducks are in a row to support this.


The social work environment: if you don’t help users they will help themselves

Times are changing. Microsoft Office is no longer just about office applications; it now covers a much broader range of experiences, and now includes Skype and Yammer, making modern workplaces more communicative and collaborative environments. With SkyDrive, Microsoft allows users to share and access latest files with everyone, anytime, anywhere, allowing real-time collaboration using co-authoring and tighter integration across the Microsoft product set. All these things will eventually become seamless and social will move from apps to a platform.

“I think the eventual evolution of Enterprise Social is that it’s going to look like something of an enterprise service business type of thing for many.”

For more on Chris's twilight, you can read his presentation slides below.


Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 14 November 2012

Tags: Social Media, Microsoft, Mobile, Twilight recap, Twilight, Microsoft Roadmap, Twilight Seminar

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