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Twilight Recap: Web Strategy for Humans – Fieldwork vs. Requirements

If you’re currently working on or about to work on a website, app or mobile project – this will interest you. Giles Brown, Intergen’s Service Line Lead for Web & Digital Strategy, took his attendees on a journey through the process of creating concepts for a website or application – based on business requirements and face-to-face fieldwork.

Twilight Seminar - Web Strategy for Humans - Fieldwork vs. Requirements

Above: Face-to-face engagement with prospective users of the DateNight concept describing how they think the service should work for them.

With a pen in hand and their creative brains switched on, our attendees chatted with parents about a fictitious start-up company, DateNight (the name says it all) – an online babysitting service for parents that want a night out.

But simply reproducing the DateNight business requirements was not the main aim of the Twilight – it was to follow a process that many projects fail to do – fieldwork. Talking with your users is a big part of the equation. As Giles says: “This is a relatively easy and important way to test that your business requirements are on the right track, and you can apply this process to all projects.”

You will always discover unexpected features, functions and ideas that were never in your initial requirements. “Plus, you’ll form relationships with real people who want to help you improve your software as you're building it. You can’t really have a relationship with a document. It’s not healthy.”


DateNight - fictitious start-up

Above: The fictitious start-up, DateNight, was well received by parents.   

So if you’re working on or about to work on a website project, don’t forget to get amongst your users and find out what they ‘need’ – ultimately, they need to use this thing – so talk to them now and save yourself a bunch of grief down the track.

The Twilight sessions in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland were attended by groups of enthusiastic web, marketing and business people – some were already working at the coalface of app design and development, and others were completely new to the whole discipline.

If you want to find out more about the process that went through at the Twilight Seminars, you can check out the slides from the evening below.




And thanks once again to all the Intergen parents who were fantastic users, and for all the Twilight attendees for getting so stuck in and producing some amazing work.

Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 10 May 2012

Tags: website engagement, Twilight recap, User Experience, Web Strategy

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