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Twilight Recap – Key Components for BI Project Success

Tim Mole, Intergen’s Service Line Lead for Business Intelligence and Colin Anderson, Executive Director for Effectus Limited, spoke with attendees about BI and what critical project components need to be in place to ensure their BI project is a success.

Key Components for BI Project Success


According to Tim and Colin, aligning organisational performance with your business strategy is important to ensure your organisation is making the best business decisions. Organisational performance tends to drop off the radar in many organisations and one key factor – for this occurring is poor data quality and management. If you’re thinking about - or are about to - set off on the BI project journey, having a game plan is the first step.

Tim and Colin outlined some key points to ensure BI project success and here are some simple but yet useful reminders of what is ‘critical’ to ensure your BI project doesn’t become a waste of time, effort and money:

  • Data has exploded and information overload is something we’re faced with every day. Remember, you can’t control it all, focus on data you ‘can’ control.
  • It’s all about the people and their processes - not the applications. Organisations tend to build BI systems but no one uses them; make sure what you build is relevant, and people will use it.
  • A lot of BI projects are IT-led, but having a business sponsor on board is essential. A lot of IT-led projects fizzle as there are no executive decision makers.
  • Identify pain points in the business that are familiar to as many people as possible. Byshowing how the implementation of a BI solution will benefit the end users, people will quickly see the value of the project.
  • You’ll need someone to look after your data, which is an asset of the business that can, when looked after, grow in value like many other assets. Just as you have a property manager to look after your house, you will need someone to look after your data.
  • To make sure you’re on the right track, utilising a Project Manager is important. They can ask the question: does it fit with your value proposition and business strategy?
  • Put this up when making decisions: WIMTBGF (Will it make the boat go faster?).

For some more tips and advice about how to ensure your BI project is a success, read Tim and Colin’s presentation slides below.



Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 01 June 2012

Tags: Business Intelligence, Twilight recap

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