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Twilight Recap - Mobility and CRM: The New Mobile Workforce

In our latest Twilight Seminar, Steven Foster, Intergen’s CRM Product Manager, spoke to attendees about Mobility and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. He covered the key questions your business should be asking when considering the move to mobile and what to expect from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Twilight Seminar - Mobility and CRM: The New Mobile Workforce

Twilight Seminar in Wellington


Steven stated that to be truly mobile you need to define mobile. What does mobile mean to you and your business? Determining this helps answer the questions that are required when introducing mobile to your organisation. Steve defined mobile as being “fluid and smooth, clean and clear. The content displayed is king and it’s designed for the purpose intended.”

With the increased saturation of mobile devices hitting the market, it is critical to define your mobile strategy and it all starts with outlining your objectives and expected outcomes of going mobile. What pain/problem is it going to solve? What are your mobile business scenarios? What are the business objectives and expected outcomes of the mobile solution? Steven also touched on other considerations such as usability - whether it becomes a primary device for your users, what information needs to be displayed, along with the different connectivity and support options. These are all questions that need to be answered before setting off on the journey to mobile.

Steven went on to talk about the options today and in the near future for delivering mobile applications to support your business scenarios covering the six areas below:


Microsoft mobile access

Options for delivering mobile with Microsoft


To find out more Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile and what you need to consider check out Steven’s slides below.



Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 20 June 2012

Tags: Microsoft, Mobile, Mobile applications, Metro

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