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Have you worked at Intergen at one point in time, and sometimes find yourself wondering “what’s been happening at Intergen?” or “what’s so and so been up to?” Well, we’ve created a place on LinkedIn where you can go and do exactly that.

Intergen Alumni LinkedIn Group


We’ve refreshed our Alumni Group on LinkedIn for all ex-Intergenites and Intergenites. It’s a place for the wider Intergen family to not only find out about our latest activities, from news to jobs and everything in between, but also to keep up with our social antics and recent events across the offices. But, most importantly, the Alumni Group is a place for you to reconnect with your colleagues and remember the good old days of yellow.


Four good things about joining our Alumni Group.

  1. LinkedIn is a great place to find out where people are and what they’re doing professionally. Whether you’d like to catch up with some fellow Intergenites for a drink or two, find out who’s working on your side of the world or if you need to reach out to someone – our Alumni Group is a good place to start.
  2. Even though you’re perhaps no longer part of the immediate Intergen team, catching the odd glimpse of Intergenite adventures inside and outside of the office is always a good way to see we’re still as dynamic (and yellow) as ever.
  3. We’ll have an Alumni catch-up every now and then – this is where you’ll find out what’s on the cards and if you’re in our neighbourhood, give us a bell. We’d love to see you.
  4. I’ll post the odd update from Tony Stewart, profile returning Intergenites and look at what our ex-Intergenites have been up to.

All in all, this is your place to re-connect and stay in touch. Make it your place – join us on LinkedIn.



Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 31 July 2012

Tags: Intergen Alumni

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