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Coming (very) soon: Microsoft TechEd 2012 – and we’ll be there again in force

TechEd is less than a month away, and Intergen will once again be featuring at New Zealand’s largest tech event.

As always, we’ll be back in our yellow form, loud and clear, adding our buzz to the TechEd Hub once again. We’re also gearing up to present a number of breakout sessions across the board.

So what’s new at TechEd this year? The event has been extended for a little longer; Microsoft will be introducing a new Interactive Theatre and “Birds of a Feather” Whiteboard Sessions, where you can discuss hot topics; and there will be an on-site exam centre where you can sit Microsoft certifications. All this and the excitement of being the first in the world to see the launch of Windows Server 2012. You don’t want to miss this one!

So in the lead-up to the big event, we’re busy fine-tuning and warming up our engines, getting ready to present some interesting sessions (see below for more information) and create a space in the Hub for you to immerse yourself in that TechEd / Intergen experience everyone loves.

And even more importantly, many of our own Intergenites will be presenting at the event, sharing their expert knowledge with the audience. Below is a selection of topics currently in the schedule.




AZR304: SQL Azure Deep Dive

Track: Windows Azure  

Session Type: Breakout Session  

Level: 300

Speaker: Chris Auld  

Most developers are familiar with the concept of scaling out their application tier; with SQL Azure Federations it is now possible to scale out the data tier as well. In this session we will deep dive on building large scale solutions on SQL Azure. In this session we will cover patterns and techniques for building scalability into your relational databases. SQL Azure Federations allow databases to be spread over 100s of nodes in the Azure datacentre with databases paid for by the day. This presents a unique avenue for dealing with particularly massive volumes of data, of user load, or both. This session will discuss how to design a schema for federation scale-out while still maintaining the value afforded by a true relational (SQL) database. We’ll look at approaches for minimizing cross federation queries and as well as approaches to fan-out queries when necessary. We will examine approaches for dealing with elastically scaling applications and other high load scenarios.


DBI306: SQL 2012 BISM: Multidimensional vs Tabular

Track: Database & Business Intelligence  

Session Type: Breakout Session

Level: 300

Presenter: Nick Draper

With SQL Server 2012 we now a choice of two data stores available in Analysis Services. This session will compare the two options; BISM Multidimensional, formerly known as UDM with xVelocity In-Memory Analytics Engine, formerly known as Vertipac. In this session see a comparison between the two to understand where they are similar, where they differ, and what to consider when choosing between them.


DYN301: What You Need to Know to Upgrade from CRM 4.0 to 2011

Track: Dynamics

Session Type: Breakout Session

Level: 300

Presenter: Greg Olsen

Attend this session to walkthrough the upgrade process from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011 On-Premises or Online. Discover how you can leverage the new features in CRM 2011 with the upgrade. This session will also explore upgrade scenarios, planning, execution and post-upgrade considerations.


MGT305: Monitoring Applications with System Center 2012

Track: Management

Session Type: Breakout Session

Level: 300

Presenter: Bevan Sinclair

In this session we provide a summary of the application monitoring capabilities enabled through System Center 2012 Operations Manager against Microsoft .NET and Java applications, covering the platforms and supported configurations. See how System Center 2012 Operations Manager can provide critical availability, performance, and reliability information without requiring any custom instrumentation to the code or custom management packs.


VIR301: Building & Deploying Applications With Virtual Machine Manager Service Templates

Track: Virtualisation

Session Type: Breakout Session

Level: 300

Presenter: Andrew Kosmadakis

Building & deploying applications with Virtual Machine Manager Service Templates.


APP302: Not Your Nana’s JavaScript: Building great Windows 8 Apps with HTML and WinJS

Track: Building Apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Session Type: Breakout Session

Level: 300

Presenter: Don Smith

HTML and JavaScript are first class citizens when it comes to building Windows 8 Metro apps. In this session Don Smith will use plenty of example code to show you the ins and outs of building Windows 8 apps in JavaScript. You’ll look at the declarative data-binding support offered by WinJS and how templates and observables allow developers to build rich and responsive interfaces. You’ll also see how your Metro app can take advantage of some of the myriad 3rd party JavaScript libraries.



WSV303: What's New for IT Professionals in IIS 8?

Track: Windows Server Session

Type: Breakout Session

Level: 300

Presenter: Andrew Kosmadakis

This session will focus on the new IIS 8 features that are available in Windows Server 2012, including sand-boxing resources, scalability, and manageability. We'll also cover how IIS scales on modern hardware, and offers additional security via dynamic rules. We'll show you how to manage SSL certificates quickly and securely by keeping them in a central location, and how to configure SNI (Server Name Indication) for those who manage many secure sites in a server farm.


OSP206: What’s New in SharePoint Server 2013 Search

Track: Office, Office 365 & SharePoint

Session Type: Breakout Session

Level: 200

Presenter: Nick Hadlee

This session will be an introduction to SharePoint 2013 Search to highlight some of the important new features and changes to Search in SharePoint Server 2013 compared to SharePoint Server 2010. This will be an overview of Search with a focus on the following areas:

  • Changes to the search architecture and topology
  • Changes to search administration and the new continuous crawl option
  • The new search interface including: Query Rules, Result Types, and Display Templates


Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 15 August 2012

Tags: TechEd, Tech.Ed 2011

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