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Twilight Recap: Corralling the Document Chaos

Steve Lapwood, one of Intergen’s Management Consultants, spoke about the current state of document management, the challenges ahead, how SharePoint can help corral document chaos and how to achieve a successful business transformation.

Twilight Seminar - Corralling the Document Chaos

Steve presenting at the Wellington Twilight


Do you find yourself trawling through folders and files trying to find stuff? In the end, do you either create a new document or cross your fingers and hope the one you’ve found is the latest? There is a better way!

Steve observed that “If you give your staff a choice on where to store their files, they’ll end up in all sorts of places, with most people storing files on their local hard drive or USB, because it's easy and flexible. This creates major headaches for organisations trying to manage their information more effectively. Having a platform that lets you easily store everything in one place will save time and effort for everyone."

Storing data has become much cheaper compared to 10 years ago – especially with the introduction of the cloud, but the cost of managing data is growing rapidly. Many organisations have thousands and thousands of documents they need to have at their fingertips, and keeping track of what’s going in and out of an organisation is especially important. This is where SharePoint can help.

SharePoint captures all content, manages and stores it and delivers it on a findable, searchable platform. Steve also stressed that it’s an information management platform where you can create your work and access this via a web browser on the road anywhere, anytime. And, it’s been built to work seamlessly with all those Office applications you already use.

Steve also showed some add-ons that enhance SharePoint’s capabilities, such as OnePlaceMail -which captures your emails and stores them within SharePoint. And RecordPoint - which records peoples normal day-to-day activites with documents - automatically.

To get the most from your EDRMS (electronic document and records management system) the best project successes are ones where time is invested in user-based design which is key for organisation adoption. As Steve points out: “over half of EDRMS implementations fail to achieve the desired outcomes (as seen by executives who sign off the business case), due to the users not adopting the system. Having a good user-friendly design and a well thought out plan for change management is critical.”

For more about this Twilight Seminar, please check out Steve's slides below.



Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 03 August 2012


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