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IT Graduates are you prepared?

Our Grad Recruitment team is about to hit the road across Australia and New Zealand in search of new IT graduates for 2014. So we thought it was the perfect time to catch up with some of our newest Intergenites and see how their journey has been so far. And – if you’re an IT grad – they have some advice for you!

Fortune favours the prepared mind



Daniel Smith, Graduate Developer, Dynamics Solutions, Auckland.

Daniel Smith, Graduate Developer, Dynamics Solutions, Auckland.

“My time at Intergen so far has been pretty good. Bootcamp was awesome and getting into work has been pretty cool too. I’m in the Dynamics team working on Microsoft Dynamics AX – it’s a massive product and I spend most of my time lost in the menus. Up until this week I’ve been training, but I’m now full time on a pretty exciting project – sorry I can’t give away too much! Everyone at Intergen is pretty cool and the working environment is pretty relaxed most of the time. One of the best things about working here is the free beer on Friday afternoons. My advice for future graduates would be: Don’t hesitate to apply!”



Jonny Lin, Graduate Developer, Enterprise Applications, Auckland.

Jonny Lin, Graduate Developer, Enterprise Applications, Auckland.

“I have enjoyed my time at Intergen so far. In the first week I learnt heaps about the different facets of business, and over the last few weeks I have been applying the skills that we learnt at Bootcamp. I’ve been working on a grad project, and I’m learning the benefits of ‘best coding practice’. Everyone is friendly and more than willing to help with any questions, so it’s really easy to settle in. By the way, l love my beast of a laptop, and the three-monitor work station is mind-bogglingly amazing. Advice for grads: Remember to do unit tests."



Nastassja Hong, Graduate Consultant, Dynamics Solutions, Perth.

Nastassja Hong, Graduate Consultant, Dynamics Solutions, Perth.

“I have been at Intergen for about four months now. The first couple of months have been about familiarising myself with Microsoft NAV 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality through online tutorials, blogs, forums and materials that are shared by the respective Interest Groups. I’m currently involved in a project where we’re upgrading from NAV 4 to 2013. So far this project has allowed me to develop, if not improve some soft and hard skills such as observation skills, analytical skills, communicating with clients and speaking the NAV “language”, whilst also supporting the team. I have also been exposed to the development side during the testing phase which will help improve my understanding and usage of NAV functionality.

The best part about being an Intergenite is being surrounded by other Intergenites who are very warm people and always willing to share knowledge and experiences. I like that the Intergen community is very diversified and yet it feels like one big family, allowing us to learn about each other’s cultures.

Advice for future graduates: Don’t hesitate to ask for help because someone will surely lend you a hand.”


Craig Duthie, Graduate Developer, Enterprise Applications, Christchurch.

Craig Duthie, Graduate Developer, Enterprise Applications, Christchurch.

“I’ve been working on parts of an Online Ordering System using technologies like ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript. It’s been amazing learning about new technologies, and the way an actual project is run. The people I work with are great; they’re friendly and very approachable when you have any questions. The best part about Friday is Friday meeting, where we get to relax and reflect on the week that’s been and hear about some good (and off the wall) things people have done over the past week – this can create quite a few laughs.”



Matt Wah, Graduate Consultant, Corporate Services, Wellington.

Matt Wah, Graduate Consultant, Corporate Services, Wellington.

“Since starting at Intergen I have worked in the Finance team, gaining exposure to business processes, and I have recently made a transition to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team as a consultant.  I’m learning both the technical and functional sides of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. My knowledge has grown rapidly due to the support that Intergen had provided in terms of educational resources and technical mentors. The work I engage in is both interesting and challenging and has given me the opportunity to experience the software delivery process in a hands-on way. 

Intergen has its own unique company culture which caters for every individual and motivates everyone to go above and beyond. One of my favourite times at Intergen so far would have to be the recent graduate Bootcamp held in January. All the graduates arrived from around the country and we spent a week together both on-site in the Wellington office and off-site at an adventure camp. During our time off-site we were faced with mental and physical challenges. This is where we really got to know each other and bonds were made between our fellow graduates and this really gave us an idea of what Intergen is all about.

My advice to any IT graduates would be to take the initiative to learn and gain knowledge in all areas of your work, because even though university may be over, the learning process doesn’t stop!”


Ready to eat, sleep and breathe yellow?

As the famous Louis Pasteur once said, fortune favours the prepared mind – and if you’re fortunate enough to come across us, and prepared to show us what you’re made of, then you’re on your way to becoming an IT star. For more information on where to start, please go to our Graduates page and come see us at one of our presentations.



Posted by: Rose Harris, Marketing Assistant | 07 March 2013

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