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Real-time Data Insight into Retail Store and Marketing Performance

In the highly competitive and brutal retail sector there is an emerging need by retailers to access near real-time store performance to maximise store efficiency, to better understand their customer base and use this information to drive dynamic marketing campaigns.

In this session recorded during the Microsoft TechEd New Zealand 2013 Russell Bowden demonstrates a retail scenario using the capabilities of StreamInsight combined with SQL Server 2012 and Dynamics AX to provide Management and Marketing teams with a real-time insight to store performance and customer uptake of specific advertising campaigns.

Utilising the SQL Server 2012 geospatial capability, we will also demonstrate how to assess this information by location and identify where to acquire more "ideal" customers by profiling them with socio-demographic data outside of the organisation.

Posted by: Russell Bowden, Business Intelligence Senior Consultant | 16 September 2013

Tags: TechEd, Business Intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics

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