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Talking BizTalk… and introducing ‘BizTalk Saturday’

In today’s fast-paced automated world, more and more organisations interact electronically with other organisations, whether these are customers, suppliers or trading partners. They need their IT systems to support business processes that span multiple line-of-business solutions and even multiple organisations.

To remain dynamic and agile, an organisation needs to ensure that with multiple IT systems, each responsible for their small slice of the action, they do what they can to minimise “swivel-chair” integration that relies on people double, or even triple, keying the same information in to multiple disjointed systems.

We’ve come a long way since first trying to integrate solutions and the tools we use have grown and changed as this exciting tightly-integrated (yet loosely-coupled) world has unfolded around us.

When Microsoft first released BizTalk in 2000 it changed the way we thought about integrating businesses and line-of-business applications. Since that initial release, Microsoft has continued to grow and evolve BizTalk Server to what has today become an Enterprise Integration Server offering a deep set of functionality allowing us to hook stuff together more easily than ever before.

Many have doubted the continuance of BizTalk Server as a product offering by Microsoft, but the team from Redmond have dispelled such fears by bringing us yet another evolution of this exciting product.

October 2010 sees the expected release of BizTalk Server 2010. And with many new features and enhancements the Microsoft Communities in New Zealand and Australia (of which I am a part) have decided to put on an event to showcase the cool stuff that is coming our way really soon.

It’s called BizTalk Saturday and it’s coming to an area near you! Unfortunately we cannot host this event for free, and in order to cover speaker flights, accommodation and venue hire costs, there will be a (relatively) small cost to attend.

So if, as a BizTalker, you have felt overlooked in the past, this event is for you!

It's a day dedicated entirely to BizTalk Server! You won’t hear any MVVMSilverlightPhoneCloudiness here… just pure good old BizTalk and all that the goodness it brings. This event is open to anyone who currently uses the product. Note: some prior BizTalk experience is required; otherwise you might feel a tad lost after an hour or two!

Spread the word and let’s see if we can pack out the venues in each of the cities. Be sure to register online TODAY because space is limited!

Posted by: Ryan CrawCour, Solution Architect | 14 September 2010

Tags: BizTalk

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