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Defining (and writing about) Personal Knowledge Management

Personal Knowledge Management can be broadly defined as an evolving set of knowledge-related skills and abilities that allows an individual to survive, and prosper, through turbulent, complex and changing organisational and social environments. It’s something we all do, even if we’re not consciously aware of it. Some of us are really structured and focused, identifying exactly what we need and planning how to get it. Others amass knowledge in a less structured way, acquiring and storing seemingly disparate and sometimes totally random nuggets that, at some future opportunity, we pull together to make sense of a situation at hand.

I recently had the opportunity to co-author a chapter, “Individual Knowledge – It’s Nothing Personal” for the forthcoming book, “Personal Knowledge Management: Individual, Organisational and Social Perspectives”. The chapter is based on an interview with seminal KM author and orator, Dave Snowden. Dave is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge, which focuses on the development of the theory and practice of social complexity, and formerly a Director in the IBM Institute for KM. In the chapter, Snowden resists the concept of Personal Knowledge Management and focuses on “community-based collaborative knowledge sharing that skilled individuals can participate in, indeed actively direct, to meet their own knowledge requirements.” Based on these discussions, we introduce the concept of ‘Social Knowledge Networking’, whereby individuals can, through the complexity of the world of knowledge that resides on the internet, gain access to the tacit knowledge contained in the experiences and minds of the people who inhabit the web.

If you’d like to know more about the book, or any upcoming Knowledge Management events, please post a comment or email marketing@intergen.co.nz

Posted by: Sally Jansen van Vuuren, Principal Management Consultant | 18 May 2009

Tags: Knowledge Management

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