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Dynamics Day '10 - the verdict

Last week we held the second annual Intergen Dynamics Day in Wellington. This is our annual event targeted at Intergen customers and prospects either using or considering using the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM applications. The event spanned a day and a half, involving 24 speakers from Intergen and Microsoft, covering three streams of sessions and intensive training workshops the following day.

Now that it’s a few days since the event I’ve had some time to reflect on its success, the key messages that came out of the sessions and some of the most common themes and points of interest, as indicated by the attendees.

The event has proved itself to be an excellent opportunity for Dynamics users not only to learn about what’s possible from our technology experts but also to talk to other people from other organisations around the country who are in a similar position. It’s a great way to find out what other companies are doing with Dynamics on the ‘shop floor,’ to give and to receive, and it is a real pleasure to be able to host and facilitate these conversations.

Dynamics Day is also about helping customers understand the broader technology environment, and with Cloud computing being such a hot topic it was timely to cover this in its own right. Both the keynote, delivered by Misti Landtroop of Microsoft, and the session following it, presented by Chris Auld and Ryan CrawCour, explored the direction Microsoft is taking and the ‘Business of the Cloud,’ helping customers really understand the business value proposition for their organisations.

A key consideration for all of our customers over the next couple of years will be how they better realise the value they have tied up in Microsoft software.  As the ‘form factor’ of Dynamics evolves we will see Dynamics become a solution comprising many applications.


Dynamics will further exploit:

  • Office, including Excel for reporting, BI and forecasting, and Word for forms.
  • SharePoint, for document management, workflow, enterprise business intelligence, forms (InfoPath Services), enterprise search, and of course the User Interface.
  • The Cloud for online services and for Cloud based computing. Applications like payroll, e-commerce and supply chain EDI require direct interaction with external entities such as banks, customers, suppliers, shippers and regulators. Frequent changes driven by all these relationships means constant updating and tuning of connections.  These characteristics make external-facing tasks perfect candidates for cloud services, which eliminate the maintenance obstacle while delivering targeted functionality – this will likely see our customers subscribing to services in the Cloud as opposed to having to re-invent every time.
  • Social networking. This involves adapting Dynamics applications to seamlessly take in information from places like Facebook and Twitter to mimic data from those sources so you can find out about people you are doing business with.
  • Context aware computing and [true] unified communications. The next evolution of the role-tailored interface will become ‘context-aware’ – understanding the needs of a user based on say what time of the month it is (e.g. customer billing cycles and annual promotions.

For those of you who missed out on the event, or for those of you who attended and want to revisit some of the content, we will we be making all presentation material available on our website over the coming week. Please check back soon for a range of information on Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM, and a number of other topics besides.

I have to conclude with a big thank you to the Intergen team; more than 40 people were involved in the event from Intergen’s Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin offices.  It was a huge effort and everyone deserves credit for the effort that went to the event preparation and delivery. Thanks team!

Posted by: Simon Bright, Chief Executive Officer, Intergen | 01 June 2010

Tags: AX, CRM, NAV, ERP, Cloud Computing, Dynamics Day

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