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The evolution of Dynamics Day: from technology conference to a customer-led conversation about technology-enabled business transformation

It’s less than two months until this year’s Dynamics Day, to be held at the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland on October 20th

So – first things first – if you and your colleagues haven’t yet registered, make sure you secure your place today. (We hit the 300 mark for registrations today, so I recommend registering as soon as possible to avoid being put on the waiting list.)

Dynamics Day 2016: Where business meets technology

It’s hard to believe Dynamics Day is in its eighth year. From humble beginnings, with 40-odd people gathered together to talk tech at the Terrace Convention Centre in Wellington in 2009, to – fast forward to 20 October 2016 – more than 300 business and technology professionals gathering on Auckland’s waterfront to spend a day thinking about business transformation and the role technology plays in underpinning this.

The difference eight years make, in technology terms

While in some respects our first Dynamics Day seems like yesterday, the fact that the Dynamics Day of 2016 only vaguely resembles the Dynamics Day of 2009 – that this year’s event is more aptly characterised by its differences than its similarities to the inaugural event (no more Intergen Yellow Chicken Challenge*) – shows just how much has changed in the world of business technology in the intervening years.

In fact, Dynamics Day’s evolution is a great reflection of the changes in the technology space in general over the past eight years, and the extent to which our conversations have changed as a result.

Dynamics Day started out as an event that could originally be described as part super-charged user group for specific technologies, and part future technology roadmap briefing. Today it retains traces of its former self but it has changed to the extent that even the event’s name, Dynamics Day, is a misnomer (we even talked at length this year about renaming the event but erred on the side of tradition… although watch this space in 2017).

While Dynamics Day stalwarts won’t – we hope – find themselves running from the room thinking they’ve turned up at the wrong event, there is certainly a significant change happening in the conversations we’re having; and Dynamics Day’s focus has changed accordingly.

So what’s different this year, and what can you expect?

A few key themes and things to look forward to, as I see them.

Technology-enabled business transformation: the space where business meets technology

As Dynamics Day’s strapline suggests, the focus of the day is on the space where business meets technology. While there’s plenty for CIOs and CFOs to get stuck into, Dynamics Day is relevant to any senior leader who is interested in the role technology plays in propelling business transformation. So by all means extend the invitation to your CMO or your CEO. If you are thinking about Digital Transformation, Business Change or simply want to know what others are doing, this is the event for you.

The sum is greater than the parts: it’s not about any one specific technology product, Dynamics or otherwise.

It’s about how technology – specifically the Microsoft technology platform in its fullest sense – can enable your business, and how the technology components of your solution are secondary to your business goals and desired outcomes. It’s about taking an all-of-business view rather than implementing point solutions. It’s also about the sum being greater than the parts where technology is concerned, and using the Microsoft toolset to its greatest advantage.

It’s about the things that underpin successful transformation through technology.

Whether it’s understanding and committing to the importance of organisation-wide change management, the benefits of an Agile approach, or fully appreciating the benefits and pitfalls of a move to the cloud for your organisation, from the morning keynote to the closing drinks session, we’ll be looking at what constitutes successful change and transformation, and how it can be achieved.

It’s about sharing success stories.

Each year, when asked to call out highlights from the day, Dynamics Day attendees call out the customer stories. We often learn from the things that other organisations do, so story sharing is a really powerful way of showing what’s possible with Microsoft technologies.

This year – by popular demand – we have more customer stories than ever before, including Variety, the Children’s Charity; AsureQuality; JUCY; Peet (one of Australia’s leading property groups, coming to Dynamics Day all the way from Australia) and Ryman Healthcare. We’re incredibly grateful to these organisations – a handful of our most valued clients – for taking the time to share their technology transformation stories with us.

It’s about engagement and networking.

Another Dynamics Day favourite attendees call out is the opportunity the day gives them to network and connect with peers, as well as to have one on one discussions with experts from Intergen and Microsoft. To that end we’ll have Intergen and Microsoft experts out in force on the day – as well as more Microsoft speakers than in any previous Dynamics Day line-up. Plus we’ll have extra opportunities for mixing, mingling and thought-sharing, brought to us by one of our key sponsors, ON-Brand Partners.

As always, we’ll wrap up the day with drinks and some inspirational thoughts – brought to us this year by the esteemed Martin Snedden. For those of you who don’t need to rush away into the traffic, we encourage you to stay on for the post-match mingling – always a great chance to debrief on the events of the day with others who are contemplating similar challenges and business objectives.

It’s about looking to the future

While we don’t all need to be considering how we make use of drones as part of our business operations just yet, it’s important that we have one eye on the future as we form our plans, and make sure that emerging technologies are part of our strategy (PWC’s recent whitepaper on the tech breakthroughs megatrend: how to prepare for its impact is an excellent thought piece on exactly this point). Chris Auld, our Chief Technology Officer, will help round out the day with a look at what the future holds – from machine learning to augmented reality and everything in between.

Above all, Dynamics Day is all about having the opportunity to take a day out to think about – and get excited about – your organisation’s big picture, and to listen, absorb and discuss the role technology can play in helping achieve it. We look forward to seeing you there.


Rex Wessels, the reigning champion at the Intergen Yellow Chicken Challenge, Dynamics Day 2009

* Speaking of changes in Dynamics Day over the years, we said goodbye to the Intergen Yellow Chicken Challenge many years ago, although Rex – on the winning team of the 2009 Yellow Chicken Challenge – will be part of this year’s Dynamics Day proceedings. Any questions about the particulars of the now-defunct challenge can be directed to Rex on October 20th.


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Posted by: Simon Bright, Chief Executive Officer, Intergen | 05 September 2016

Tags: CRM, Business Intelligence, Dynamics Day, Microsoft Dynamics, data insights, Digital Transformation, Less Busyness More Business

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