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Achieving digital transformation through Convergence

It’s an exciting – and sometimes daunting – time in the world of technology-enabled business transformation right now. Opportunities and options are abundant and ‘digital’ encompasses absolutely everything we do. And in a fast-paced, ever-changing, always-on world, digital transformation has fast become a leading (if not the leading) organisational imperative.

As technology partners we’re fortunate to work closely alongside some of New Zealand’s leading organisations as they put a plan in place and then execute upon it, piece by piece, bit by bit, to make this digital transformation a reality across the entire surface area – internally and externally – of their enterprises, big or small.

Every day, by virtue of what we do, we have the privilege of seeing digital transformation in action around us – examples of our clients tackling new frontiers, breaking boundaries or breaking the mould, finding new solutions for new (and old) problems and questioning the status quo, even when it’s hard, or new, or even utterly terrifying.

These organisations do all of this in the name of doing things better and faster for their customers, their people, their citizens or constituents. In the name of doing better business, all round, on all fronts.

But what is this much vaunted thing called digital transformation, really? What does it look like, in real terms and how do we, as organisations, get a foot on the first rung – and then keep on climbing?

With our thoughts and experiences on these questions top of mind–– we’ve done something a bit different this year and have launched Intergen Convergence, a business and technology conference, designed for business leaders and decision makers whose roles involve using technology as an enabler (and in this day and age, whose roles don’t?) to achieve their goals and live out their organisational purpose in the modern world.

About Intergen Convergence

Up until this year the conference – the flagship event in Intergen’s calendar – was known as Dynamics Day. This has been renamed to reflect the event’s focus on the ubiquitous role technology plays as a factor in underpinning business transformation, and in the convergence of business and technology as a singular, interdependent focus (rather than a focus on any particular technology set or lifting the hood on any technical detail, which was the event’s core focus way back when it started out nine years ago).

Through real world stories, conversations, discussions and networking, Convergence will focus on how digital transformation can be achieved through the convergence of ideas and actions, people and technology.

We’re really excited to be bringing together a number of fantastic speakers and clients stories across the three locations and are looking forward to the opportunity to create a forum where we can share inspiration and ideas – bringing these to life through storytelling and conversation with the people living and breathing digital transformation.

It’s our hope that Intergen Convergence will both help make the nebulous and all-encompassing concept of ‘digital transformation’ less daunting and more tangible and also give some actionable insights and renewed enthusiasm for the exciting ongoing transformation that lies ahead of us all.

For the first time, by popular request and based on a vastly ‘sold out’ event in Auckland last year, we’re running Intergen Convergence in three locations – Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. We encourage you to register as soon as you get a chance to avoid missing out – we’d love to see you there.

Join us in:

  • Christchurch on Tuesday, 17 October at The Tannery
  • Wellington on Thursday, 19 October at Te Wharewaka  
  • Auckland on Friday, 3 November at ANZ Viaduct Events Centre

Register now – we look forward to seeing you there!

Posted by: Simon Bright, Chief Executive Officer, Intergen | 23 August 2017

Tags: Dynamics Day, Digital Transformation, Intergen Convergence

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