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Celebrating creativity: Supporting the New Zealand Art Show

The New Zealand Art Show is without doubt the most colourful occasion in our annual event calendar and it’s a celebration of Kiwi ingenuity and creativity that we’re extremely proud to support.

It’s always inspiring to see the amazing results that imagination and creativity can produce, and it’s a real highlight for us to be involved again this year as gold sponsors. There’s nothing quite like standing in a room (a very large room at that… covering the four vast walls of the entire TSB Bank Arena) full of New Zealand art to bring home just how powerful and innovative the creative spirit can be. Not to mention the value that creative thinking can bring – whether that’s to the walls of your home or to your people, yours customers and citizens.

New Zealand Art Show 2018

For us – outside of taking the chance to pause, relax and enjoy an array of aesthetic wonders of all shapes, forms and sizes – the New Zealand Art Show is a great chance for us to really celebrate the creativity that we all bring to what we do, and the role this creativity plays in helping us achieve Intergen’s mission: to help New Zealand organisations transform, enabled and underpinned by technologies that will give them the platform they need to thrive and evolve, now and in the future.

While we may not all be dab hands with paintbrushes or have an eye for the perfect photographic composition (although there are artists amongst us, for sure), it’s important for us all to remember that creativity takes many forms – we’re all creative. And by bringing this imagination, spirit of exploration and belief in our own creative potential – individually and collectively – we can discover the “art of the possible” with our clients and work with them to make this vision a reality.

My colleague, Steve Scarbrough, our GM of Dynamics Solutions, summed this up perfectly in a recent blog he wrote on his reflections on his time spent with one of the world-leading champions of creativity, Ken Robinson:

“…The ‘tonic’ for the upcoming technology revolution is human. This technology-enabled change will turn the world on its head in way we may never see again in such a tight timeframe. In short, the complexity, scale and speed of this change will be unique. Therefore it will take all our creative capability to ensure it provides a positive outcome for everyone.”

If you’re in Wellington over Queen’s Birthday and are looking to bring some colour to your long weekend, make sure you make it along – you can find out more information here. And if you’d like to get free passes to use over the weekend, we have some to give away – just leave us a message here or email events@intergen.co.nz and our friendly Marketing team will be in touch.


Posted by: Simon Bright, Chief Executive Officer, Intergen | 30 May 2018

Tags: NZ Art Show

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