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A Vic Uni student at Intergen

Being an Intergenite and a Victoria University student doing an Information Systems major definitely has its perks. 

It gives me a better understanding on the INFO 101 lecture content as it is discussing features of business organisations that I encounter at Intergen. On Tuesday 23rd these two converged into one when Emma Barrett (Executive GM Solutions & Services) took the reins of the lecture hall.

Straight away Emma got everyone’s attention by getting all students to stand up, which to university students appeared to be quite an effort. Emma followed on to ask questions about what time people were up to last night and whether they were busy doing our latest assignment or at the pub! I’m sure you can guess the outcome…

Rather than focusing on all the wonderful perks Intergen has and what it is like to work there, Emma focused on what a life in IT looks like. Of course showing the wonderful new Willis Street building everyone is now convinced Intergen is where they want to end up. I believe a quote that really caught everyone’s interest was; “Software is eating the world. It’s changing so many aspects of our everyday lives – the cars we drive, the appliances we use at home, the way we connect with loved ones. And businesses we normally wouldn’t think of as technology businesses are using software to change their products and industries from running shoes to oil pipelines”.

You could see everyone light up when they realised this quote linked directly to our current assignment and Emma was potentially about to give us the answers! Emma used Pizza Hut as one of her examples of a business using evolving software to their advantage. This was very relatable to the lecture hall because what university student doesn’t like pizza?

Two of Intergen’s 2017 Graduates; Ricky Cheung and Christie McArley spoke with great confidence about their experience studying Information Systems and how it got them to where they are now.

INFO 101 is a compulsory paper for students doing a Commerce degree but not all students are doing an Information Systems major. However after this lecture I am fairly confident Emma, Ricky, and Christie (plus Bre throwing Intergen merchandise at people) convinced students to convert to INFO.

Posted by: Sophie Bright, Sales Support | 06 June 2017


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