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The business case for intranet investment and measuring ROI

A tricky topic! Recently I presented a paper to Bright*Star’s Strategic Intranets Summit in Wellington.  This challenging topic caused me to reflect on the issues facing my current and past clients who either don't have an intranet and want one (the minority) or need to invest in significant improvements in their intranet (the majority). ... read full post

Posted by:  Steve Lapwood , Senior Management Consultant |  04 October 2010

ROI, Intranets

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Enterprise Content Management and Records Management made easy with SharePoint and RecordPoint

Wow! What a great response! Last week we hosted a couple of seminars in Auckland and Wellington with speakers from Microsoft (Steve Letford and Jonathan Stuckey), RecordPoint (Anthony Woodward and Elon Aizenstros from Sydney), RIM (Michele Marsburg) and me from Intergen. Also there was James Fox of OnePaceMail. ... read full post

Posted by:  Steve Lapwood , Senior Management Consultant |  01 September 2010

SharePoint, Enterprise Content Management, OnePlaceMail, RecordPoint, Records Management

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Lost in a galaxy of information: Unlocking the value of your organisation's information

The volume of information we have access to in our day to day activities is growing exponentially - which should be good. But the value of the information is decreasing - because we can’t find it when we need it! The time and effort involved in locating the correct or current version of information has become too costly (25% of staff time, representing 10% of enterprise costs [source: Butler Group]). ... read full post

Posted by:  Steve Lapwood , Senior Management Consultant |  12 April 2010

Information Management, Search Technologies

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