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Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012 roundup

Last week in Houston Texas, Microsoft held its premier event for the Microsoft Dynamics product suite - Convergence. Each year around 10,000 people from around the world attend what has become the largest of the Microsoft product team events.


This year’s theme was ‘A World of Opportunity’ showcasing what the future of Microsoft Dynamics Business apps will look like. Following on from last year’s success, Intergen were again given the opportunity to build both the opening Keynote Demos and the Microsoft AX Keynote for the general session.

Convergence was held over 4 days covering all of the Microsoft Dynamics products including CRM, AX, NAV, GP and SL. The event included management courses and focus groups where Microsoft welcomed input on future products functionality along with the look and feel. In addition to the sessions held, the largest expo hall was formed and offered attendee’s access to Microsoft Dynamic partners, Independent Software Vendors (ISV), Microsoft product teams and hundreds of computers loaded with the software for delegates to trial and follow labs. All in all, Convergence 2012 was a great experience.

So what did I get out of it?

Well to start with, it was great to see the work of Intergen demonstrated on the main stage at the keynote. Microsoft showcased Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 on the new Metro user interface, offering the user unprecedented user experience on a Windows 8 tablet device. Also seeing how kinect can be utilised in a commercial manner to enable an in store experience, where customers can compare and find out information on products sold at a retail outlet using hand and voice gestures.

Throughout the week I attended a number of great sessions on social strategy and future product functionality, including greater social integration to twitter and Facebook via activity feeds and OOB integration to LinkedIn via premium user accounts on LinkedIn. The more specific sessions I attended were on mobile, data management and integration to other Microsoft Dynamics products. I also attended a couple of management sessions that I found very rewarding and revealing.

My mission was to get around as many of the relevant ISV solutions as possible, because it was a great opportunity to invest some time looking at what’s out there and what could be of value to my customers and prospects. Some stand out ones were, ClickDimensions - an integrated email and web marketing tool and Trillium that offered global address validation and data enrichment solutions. But I have to say the standout session of the week was listening to General Colin Powell in the closing keynote session, he was was very articulate and relevant to the current economic times.

In addition to the sessions it was great to connect with some of my LinkedIn connections from around the world and meet face-to-face with some of the Microsoft product team I deal with via conference calls.

Finally, it was not all work there was plenty of play. Microsoft hosted a number of post day events including the Convergence opening night party at the local baseball ground which included the artist Daughtry performing for over an hour (an American idol finalist) and plenty of food and drink from around the world. On the other nights there were plenty of parties to attend hosted by the ISVs and Microsoft so there was never a dull moment.

All in all, a great experience and a great opportunity to learn and to connect with likeminded individuals from around the world, widening my network in the Microsoft Dynamics world. I would highly recommend this event to customers and organisations’ considering Microsoft Dynamics as there was so much to offer and a great opportunity to connect with similar organisations.

Posted by: Steven Foster, Client Director | 30 March 2012

Tags: AX, CRM, Dynamics, Economy, Microsoft, Windows Mobile, UX, Dynamics Day, Mobile, Retail trends, Dynamics Day 2011, Intergen, Convergence, Metro, Windows 8

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