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Deliver great service and delight customers with Field Services Capabilities for Dynamics CRM Online

Building long-lasting trusting relationships around a solid reputation for delivery is paramount in today’s services economy. With many providers of similar services, differentiation for your business depends on the delivery of a distinct and consistent customer experience across every client interaction. 

What do your customers remember you by? Your last delivery

People require transparency and collaboration, both internally and externally, anywhere, online and at any time. Most of all, people expect service delivery to happen with utmost simplicity and convenience.

Providing outstanding field services is about delivering to time and expectations while managing a great relationship - so why not embed it into a Customer Relationship Management solution?

The focus of Field Services

Field Services Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on the aftercare service which accompanies the delivery of products and services, helping your organisation maintain relationships and enhance the after-sale experience.

Delivering exceptional aftercare service is not easy. Achieving it depends on several essential factors:

  • Exceed Customer Expectations – by focusing on developing a robust process around resource skills, scheduling and prioritising effort. Delivering great experiences is about turning up on time, with the right resources and tools to do the job right the first time.
  • Empower your Service Delivery team – create exceptional experiences by giving your service delivery team more information and the right tools to deliver great service, while maintaining visibility of job progress and expected completion time.
  • Template your approach – drive consistency within the delivery approach by creating templates that can be followed and repeated. Repeatable solutions enable consistent service delivery, every time, with customers assured that regardless of who turns up, the job gets done right.
  • Uncover insights – improve the quality of the data used as a source for analytics by consistently and reliably capturing delivery metrics. These insights focus your delivery team on the right KPIs to enable increased customer satisfaction and improved experiences.
  • Schedule visibility – the ability to schedule efficiently with wide resource visibility (including their schedules and location) enables delivery to your customer’s expectations. A flexible schedule board enables efficient presentation of relevant information to users. The ability to define different views of the data – by product, region or fault – enables optimal support of delivery team scheduling.
  • Effective billing - fault-free, consistent billing is essential for exceptional service delivery, driving great customer experiences and boosting customer confidence in your service delivery. Automated, accurate billing processes are critical to the success of any service delivery operation.

Field Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Menu

Introducing Field Services Capabilities for Dynamics CRM

Field Services Capabilities for Dynamics CRM is an end-to-end solution that extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a single system of customer engagement for aftercare and service delivery teams.

Through the common Dynamics CRM and Office 365 user interface, your service delivery team can excel at what they do best and deliver exceptional customer service.

Field services for Dynamics CRM includes:

  • Service Agreement - service agreements enable the business to sell and manage consistent offerings. These agreements allow you to bundle recurring jobs and preferred resources, at the agreed rate and billed on the agreed schedule. Service agreements form the foundation of great service delivery.
  • Case Management - case management enables you to log a call, manage related activity, within the right Service Level Agreement, and generate work orders as and when required. Case management is the backbone of managing aftercare service excellence. It provides the mechanisms for the insights that drive performance and efficiency. Coupled with knowledge management, self-serve and team management, case management is a comprehensive solution.
  • Resource management - resource information tracks the skills and proficiencies of your workforce, allowing you to view and filter resources based on capability and availability, to assign the right people to the right jobs.
  • Time and expenses - job costs are recorded within the system by the service delivery user and presented to the customer at the end of the task. Sophisticated product and service pricing is managed within the familiar product management of Dynamics CRM.
  • Work Order Management - work orders can be created and scheduled according to specific requests, either via an agreement or ad-hoc call. Work orders can be associated with existing customer assets and service plans to drive the correct resolution of the incident type. The scheduling board provides clear visibility of jobs scheduled, those which are unscheduled, and the availability of resources for assignment to the workload.

Field Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM schedule board

Let Intergen help you deliver Field Service Excellence

Intergen excels in delivering on-time, on-budget services in a collaborative cross team approach. Let us help you in achieving this excellence. Contact Intergen today to get a walkthrough of the benefits that Field Services Capabilities for Dynamics CRM can deliver to your business. 

Posted by: Steven Foster, Client Director | 20 July 2016

Tags: Project Delivery, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Field Service

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