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New Zealand Art Show 2019

2019 is the third year Intergen has been a gold sponsor of the NZ Art Show, and I've been lucky enough to work on all of them (on behalf of Intergen). The women behind the scenes work tirelessly to put on a top-notch show – it's an absolute pleasure to work with Carla, Midge and Julie. The hard work they do is transparently open for the love of art and to support emerging artists.

New Zealand Art Show 2019

This year I was fortunate enough to get a backstage tour (reminiscent of my time managing and touring a rock band). It's behind the scenes where all the magic starts to bloom and you see just how huge this show really is. Impeccably well organised, with named slots for all the artists, the artworks are carefully stacked. Walking around, I would get a glint of art that would capture my heart and others that just made me stop and think.

Hours/days have gone into hanging the chosen pieces for gala night, but as soon as those doors open... the work starts flying off the walls. New work is replaced throughout the weekend and this is a well orchestrated process. If you return for a second visit, you could find a completely new collection of art. For me, there were three standout artists and they were all new to the show. Young or old, they are all vibrant and talented artists.

This is what makes the NZ Art Show so exciting and refreshing: the people behind the art. From every nook and cranny in Aotearoa, artists from diverse backgrounds have been working for months to pull a crowd-pleasing selection of work together. There truly is something for everyone at this show and you can appreciate it in a non-judgemental atmosphere. I find great satisfaction in witnessing people buy art, simply because it speaks to them and makes them feel good, no research, no thought to whether it's a "good investment" or not.

The event is an ideal fit for Intergen. Like the NZ Art Show, we are creative, innovative and passionate about what we do. Intergen entertained a small gathering of people over at Shed 5 for pre-drinks and nibbles. This year we had Tim Christie, an exhibitor, to share his story with us. In true Wellington style, Tim's background connects with Intergen. Tim is foremost a fellow designer having worked in a number of large agencies and as a independent design consultant. He been featured in many design awards and is behind some of New Zealand's most iconic brands. Tim is also the co-founder of a software company. By coincidence, Intergen's former CEO Tony Stewart is now a director of this organisation. Recently Tim crossed over into fine art and has already achieved global recognition.

In a simple paragraph, Tim has captured the relationship between design, technology and fine art: "Graphic design and software development involves a lot of conceptual thinking and creative problem solving. This is actually no different from what many are doing in the contemporary art world, but with more commercial constraints and audience-centric thinking. The disciplines of design and technology translate well into fine art, if you can think beyond trend and know how to break the rules".

Tim is now an internationally represented artist and has collectors from around the world. You can read more about him and preview his work at monomoko.nz.

In a sea of loud shirts and flamboyant dresses, the art still outshone the people on gala night. Having done my tour earlier in the day, I revisited my favourites and showed them to friends. After a couple of hours of ducking and diving amongst people I knew, I appreciated the art one more time and headed home with my sore feet. I felt satisfied and creatively charged. Thank you to the artists for giving this middle-aged designer a fix of fresh ideas, amazing colour palettes and beautiful compositions.

I didn't buy myself anything this year, but I did choose four pieces on behalf of others, and I can highly recommend spending other people's money on art! There's two pieces that really stuck in my mind – I hope they found great homes...

Posted by: Tamzin Beazley, Brand and Design Manager | 04 June 2019

Tags: NZ Art Show

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