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Insight on Microsoft's priorities for 2009

Did you know Microsoft is adding 10,000 servers per month to its data centres? Or that the company is continuing to spend billions of dollars in research and development, in areas as diverse as algorithms and theory, hardware development and social computing? Or that it takes Microsoft 3.16 days to generate as much revenue as Red Hat does in a year?

These and many other perspectives were shared by Brett Roberts, National Technology Officer with Microsoft, in a broad-ranging Twilight session last week.

Most of us think products and services when we think about Microsoft, but Brett provided a thoughtful insight into other less well-known aspects of the Redmond giant, encompassing topics such as R&D, its considerable investment into global data centres, intellectual property licensing, and the evaluation and development of new markets.

Brett will be delivering his presentation in Auckland and Christchurch in the next few weeks – keep an eye on the events page or email events@intergen.co.nz for more information.

Posted by: Tim Howell, Marketing Manager | 14 October 2008

Tags: Microsoft, R&D

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