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IDC updates Top 10 Trends for 2008

Every year, global analyst company IDC issues predictions on what will happen to the ICT industry over the following 12 months.

Next month Intergen is running an exclusive event in conjunction with IDC that will review the predictions they made for 2008, and update you on how they are tracking, nine months in. With the changes to the global economy, not to mention impending elections, we all need to understand what’s likely to occur in 2009 and beyond. Come along and get a head-start on your 2009 plans.

This event is being presented by Ullrich Loeffler from IDC. Ullrich is Program Manager for IDC’s software research unit and analyses the market for information management solutions.

We asked Ullrich to comment on some of the key issues he’ll be covering during the event.

How have the predictions IDC made at the start of the year been tracking as the year has progressed?
IDC published the Top 10 Predictions for 2008 in December last year discussing a broad range of trends and challenges across the New Zealand ICT sector. Across these predictions we have seen different levels of progress throughout the first half of 2008. We believe the general IT market is starting to feel the impact of the economic downturn, shifting businesses' investments towards technologies that directly impact capital and operational expenditures.

What are the key business challenges facing businesses, and how is IT helping?
Productivity remains a "hot topic" in 2008 since the vast majority of New Zealand businesses face the constant challenge of resource constraints. IT has been recognised as an enabler to overcome these challenges by consolidating, automating and standardising operational processes. Additionally, businesses have put greater emphasize on utilising their key assets such as people (external and internal), information and existing investments.

How closely does New Zealand reflect what is happening overseas?
It’s challenging to provide a general statement on how the New Zealand market is tracking in relation to global trends. New Zealand businesses are early adopters and innovators of a number of technology trends including payment solutions, agriculture and healthcare technologies. Other industries or technologies, on the other hand, show New Zealand businesses trailing international adoption by 6 -12 months.   

Find out more and get more detailed information by attending this exclusive event, being held at Microsoft House in Auckland on 9 September. For more information, and to secure your place, register online at www.intergen.co.nz/think or send an email to events@intergen.co.nz.

Posted by: Tim Howell, Marketing Manager | 15 August 2008

Tags: IDC

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