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Intergen is on Twitter too

Twitter is that latest communication phenomena, introducing the concept of microblogging to the masses, and getting recognised by everyone from Stephen Fry to Oprah Winfrey.

What is Twitter? In simple terms, it’s a short-form blogging service, where Twitter users have 140 characters (a little less text than a text message) to communicate a message. Other people can “follow” what you’re saying, and they receive updates through Twitter pages when you – and the other people they’re following – post something. It all happens automatically, and it all occurs in real-time.

While Twitter’s been chastised by some quarters as (yet) another source of meaningless information – after all, who really wants to know you’re eating breakfast or driving to work – it’s also considered to be a signal of the emergence of the real-time web, where news and announcements are communicated as they happen.

As more features get added to Twitter, such as an integrated search capability, it’s starting to be seen as a rival to more established companies, having accelerated the speed at which information is communicated and shared. Respected sources such as CNN, the New York Times and local news sites such as Stuff and the New Zealand Herald are utilising the platform for communicating news events, often as they happen. This is in addition to publishing more in depth information on their respective websites – the use of Twitter allows you to monitor multiple information services simultaneously, kind of like RSS does, but in real-time.

Intergen has been using Twitter for several months. For those of you who want to keep up with Intergen and its activities – online and offline – our Twitter account is available at www.twitter.com/teamintergen. Follow us now to see our updates.

Posted by: Tim Howell, Marketing Manager | 12 May 2009

Tags: Twitter

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