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Cloud computing: "For the cloud, we're all in"

Last week Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave a speech at the University of Washington which observers believe may indicate a change in focus for Microsoft and cloud computing. In the strongest language that’s been heard from Microsoft, Ballmer emphasised the company’s commitment to cloud computing and the extent to which the “cloud” is being incorporated into everything Microsoft does.

Steve Ballmer

Reminiscent of the “Internet Tidal Wave” memo written by Bill Gates back in the mid-nineties, following which Microsoft looked to incorporate the Internet in all its offerings, this could be a watershed moment whereby Microsoft looks to embrace the cloud even further, going beyond its “Software plus Services” messaging of a few years back.

"This is the bet for the company," Ballmer said. "For the cloud, we're all in."

"About 70 per cent of our folks are doing entirely cloud-based or entirely cloud inspired. And by a year from now that will be 90 per cent," stated Ballmer.

In the speech, Ballmer outlined five dimensions of cloud computing: the cloud creates opportunities and responsibilities; the cloud learns and helps you learn, decide, and take action; the cloud enhances your social and professional interactions; the cloud wants smarter devices; and the cloud drives server advances and drive the cloud.

Microsoft has published a video of the speech, along with other materials, on its News Center site at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/cloud/.

Does this indicate a change in focus for Microsoft, or is this simply an evolution of the current strategy? Regardless, 2010 is shaping up to be an interesting year for Microsoft and its ecosystem.

Posted by: Tim Howell, Marketing Manager | 08 March 2010

Tags: Cloud Computing, Steve Ballmer

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