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Webstock 2011 – Firing on all cylinders

“Just do it,” was one way to paraphrase the core theme of this year’s Webstock, held last week at Wellington’s Town Hall. Regardless of whatever “field” you’re in, or what kind of job you have, the takeaway was procrastination is no excuse – all it takes is effort to try something new.

And if results are anything to go by, the Webstock team lived by this mantra as they organised the 2011 edition of this event, executing on this theme in their own inimitable way, exceeding their own high standards with an event that featured a well-above-expectations mix of globally recognised speakers and sufficiently varied topics to absorb the tech and web-savvy audience in attendance.

As in previous years, a bevy of top speakers had been attracted to the nation’s capital. Whether it was Doug Bowman from Twitter talking about the launch of the “New Twitter” and delighting users; David McCandless espousing that information is beautiful; or Josh “Tapworthy” Clark exploring what makes an effective multi-touch application, there was something for everyone.

Compared to last year’s event, this Webstock felt like it returned to its original roots – the content was a mix of web-and design-related topics, with a few human interest stories thrown in for good measure. Technology trends were a major flavour of the event, with the rapid adoption of multi-touch user interfaces, real-time data and HTML5 all positing for attention. The importance of content and storytelling was also underlined, with expert sessions from Kristina Halvorson and Scott McCloud helping to emphasise that the web – and technology in general – has the ability to communicate ideas.

With the increasing adoption of the (yet-to-be-ratified) HTML5 standards (well explained by Facebook’s David Recordon, coupled with the arrival of tablets, there’s enough exciting technology to keep the tech-savvy amongst us happy over the next 12+ months, with hardware and software advances creating new opportunities for all.

And I suppose this is indicative of where we find ourselves at the moment: there is an increasing appreciation of content – in all its forms – and there’s a growing awareness of the importance of content (from a communicator’s perspective) and a desire, from a consumer’s perspective, to utilise and interact with this information in different ways.

Above all, the event was about stories, with the speakers openly sharing their ideas, communicated in such a way to inspire and influence others – and executed brilliantly by a team of passionate, capable organisers. Roll on Webstock 2012!

Posted by: Tim Howell, Marketing Manager | 23 February 2011

Tags: Webstock 2011

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