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APSMA Conference: A report

Every year the Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association (APSMA) holds its annual conference. APSMA comprises marketing and business development professionals who regularly meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing their professions, typically in the legal, accounting and engineering sectors.

Peter FitzSimons at APSMA

The 2011 event was held last week in Sydney, and Intergen sponsored the keynote presentation delivered by the irrepressible Peter FitzSimons. Well-known in this part of the world as a former Australian rugby player, Peter has since gone on to write 17 books over the past 14 years and also makes a healthy living delivering entertaining and informative speeches – and the keynote he provided for this particular event was no exception and helped explain why he’s one of the ten most popular speakers in Australia.

Spread over a day and a half, this year’s event covered a broad range of topics, ranging from how the role of the professional services marketer is evolving, experiential marketing and managing client relationships – a useful mix of high-level overviews and practical, prescriptive sessions. In addition to the keynote, I particularly enjoyed Tom Skotidas’ session on using social media for B2B marketing and Grant Butler’s session on the art of writing thought leadership material.

As a professional services company in our own right – albeit focused on delivering IT services – we appreciated the opportunity to meet some peers and to talk about the value we can add to organisations in this sector. From a participant’s perspective, the event was validation that many of the marketing-related challenges, themes and opportunities that other professional services organisations have are those which we, in the IT sector, also experience.

We’d like to express our thanks to the APSMA team for being great hosts. For more information on APSMA in Australia, visit www.apsma.com.au, although there are chapters of the association in many other countries, including New Zealand.

Posted by: Tim Howell, Marketing Manager | 07 September 2011

Tags: APSMA, B2B, Marketing

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