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Competitive advantage through insight: A recap of the Microsoft Business Insights Summit

In December I presented at the Microsoft Business Insights Summit held in Wellington and Auckland, a one-day event focused on how data and information can provide measurable business value. For those who missed the event, a number of the sessions are now available online. The summit consisted of three tracks – Modern Enterprise, Small to Medium Business and Technical – to cater for a wide range of attendees. The summit in total was attended by over 800 people and based on feedback during the summit and surveys, the summit hit its mark in terms of relevancy of content.

Competitive advantage through insight

Leveraging information as an organisational asset and using it effectively to gain business advantage is high up on most organisations’ priorities. Recognising that data has value is an important first step in harnessing the value, but where most organisations struggle is then converting this need into an actionable plan and delivering it thereafter. This summit sought to deliver a range of sessions aimed at building this confidence and to cater for a wide range of interests and maturity.

For the summit this year I chose to present in to the Small to Medium business audience. This audience typically has a different set of needs, capability and appetite for investment when compared to enterprise-scale organisations. Presenting to the Small to Medium audience presents a great opportunity to get back to basics, spend a greater proportion of time discussing the key principles and focus on building confidence that small steps and limited investment can still deliver high value, and quickly. 

A video of my session along with a number of other sessions has recently been made available. You can view the summit agenda, and available video content, here. I hope you enjoy it.

My Session précis: Small to medium businesses in New Zealand are renowned for being innovative, running their companies on a shoestring and making do with what they have. In today’s highly connected and competitive landscape, NZ companies need to better leverage information to stay competitive. It is no longer acceptable to make critical business decisions by gut-feel or rely on operational and siloed reporting to deliver the right information at the right time; organisations and their senior teams need access to timely and insightful information when they need it and wherever they may be.

This session looks at how to understand how to easily harness your organisations' information for insight, drive fact-based decision-making and gain competitive advantage using pragmatic and affordable business intelligence. The presentation provides examples and discusses how to quickly gain the most benefit from a business intelligence investment.

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