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What’s new, cool and noteworthy in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Intercompany Supply Chain Management

There are many enhancements in Dynamics AX 2012, and one area where there are significant improvements is intercompany trading.

Firstly, there is now a central shared product master file. Items (now called products) are created and managed centrally and ‘released’ to trading companies:


Central shared product master file


The system uses this process to control intercompany purchase orders and sales orders, so the item setup is simplified and made more consistent. (The Dynamics AX 2009 ‘company item’ table no longer exists – it has been replaced by this shared product master).

The setup of intercompany vendors and customers has been simplified. The intercompany trading relationship is now set up once (either from the intercompany vendor or from the intercompany customer):


Intercompany vendors and customers simplified


Finally (and most importantly), intercompany master planning now recognises the planned purchase orders created in the downstream selling company as planned intercompany demand in the upstream supply company.

You create an ‘intercompany planning group’ which defines which master plans, in which companies, will be processed (and the processing sequence). Then, when you run intercompany master planning, each of those plans is calculated in sequence (with iterations if required) and in the upstream supply company you see planned purchase (or production) orders created based upon the planned intercompany demand from the downstream selling companies: 


Creating an ‘intercompany planning group’


Keep an eye out here over the coming weeks for more tips, tricks and highlights from AX 2012.

Posted by: Tim Schofield, Senior Consultant, Dynamics Solutions | 18 August 2011

Tags: AX2012

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